Three Armed Suspects Surprised at Illegal Trespass Grow on State Park Land

redwood park (1 of 1)

Redwoods near Cuneo Creek Campground.

Press release from the Department of Parks and Recreation:

California State Park Rangers, assisted by multiple agencies, raided an illegal marijuana grow in Humboldt Redwoods State Park removing marijuana seedling plants, an assault rifle and toxic chemicals Monday, May 9, 2016.

Three armed suspects were located in a nearby illegal camp near Bull Creek and fled on foot when contacted by law enforcement. The three suspects remain at large.

At the illegal camp, rangers recovered an MK99 type assault rifle with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Rangers also found rodenticides and Furdadan, a highly toxic pesticide, within the grow site. Approximately 2,000 seedling marijuana plants were removed.

Twenty acres of State Park land had been illegally cleared of native vegetation. The marijuana plants were watered directly from water diverted from the tributaries of Bull Creek.

Forty cubic yards of trash, fertilizers, pesticides, rodenticides, water hoses, hazardous material and other supplies were removed from the area. Disposal costs were paid for in part with assistance from the Humboldt County Public Works’ “Measure Z” public safety funding.

The marijuana grow and camp was found within a quarter-mile of pristine old-growth redwood forest. Rangers were assisted by the California National Guard, California Highway Patrol, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Lear Asset Management. A team from the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps assisted with trash removal.

Anyone with information regarding this particular resource crime or others on our State Parks lands please contact California State Parks at (707) 445-6547.



  • Assault rifle? Hundreds of rounds of ammunition? Highly toxic pesticide? Wait, I thought marijuana was all about peace and love and Mother Earth and all that.

  • Sooooo happy all the Rangers and officers weren’t hurt. Scary stuff.

  • So who was arrested? I’d love to see their pictures. Everyone knows most of the local sohum feed stores will sell familiar faces illegal rodenticides and pesticides, yet they never get shut down. I’d really like to see an investigation into that!

    • The suspects remain at large. No one was arrested.

      • It might be a good idea to hide a camera at this place and see who returns to the scene of the crime, or vehicles coming in, whatever. On the other hand, it sounds like there might not be any place left to hide a camera… Do the cops have a follow-up plan? Were these miscreants seen heading in any general direction? Any ID info at all? Approximate height/width, color of shirt/caps? Thanks for this post. af

      • That’s really too bad because they will be back in action in a few days somewhere else funded by their gang members.

  • It’s the methicans they contribute to all the super meth in the area all the heroin, and they try to grow all the mega grow too its s proven fact im not being racest . I think mea sures of checking imagration status on all Mexicans nationals and deport before they can start there meth labs heroin labs and the deforestation of our parks when is enough ,enough. ? Again I’m just stating a fact .I’m pissed that this is just so out of hand ,but kudos to law enforcement. Probably id say 75 percent of the mony they get growing fund the other illegal activities, and what really pissed me off is cuneo creek park was my great grandmother original home stead my great geat grand parents planted the apple ocherd in the park and a quarter of a mile away from there .a 2000 plant grow I could be wrong ,but I bet the three men that ran are Mexicans illegal s .

    • WTFgobacktoschool

      Right. You are not racist. Just ignorant.

    • I hear you mogtx..these are sad times for folks that have lived here their entire lives. This greed rush thing has gotten disgusting. Why do dipshits want to grow weed in the redwoods anyways?? The real plantation land is in south eastern California..Sacramento, gilroy, orange county…hell, what about all that full sun in mexico? Get a clue people..Humboldt is not the best place to grow weed…its just a name.

  • Two thousand plants on TWENTY ACRES of “cleared” land owned by us all. Sounds like the law has found it’s purpose. Catch ’em, Hang ’em! af

  • Biz As Usually

    Whats the point of having firearms if they never use them? They always take off running.
    So this was a grow that was detected before the raid, it involved “Rangers were assisted by the California National Guard, California Highway Patrol, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Lear Asset Management” and they couldn’t figure out a way to come in from a few directions and catch these folks? They couldn’t set up surveillance? It’s like they never really want to catch these people. No tracking dogs, anticipating there might be fugitives on the run? We can drop in on Osama’s compound and take him out, but we can’t catch dope growers running through the woods?

    • My thoughts exactly. A little foresight goes a long, long way. If a bust like this gets lined up again, I hope there’s an “exit strategy.” Perhaps it would be wise for the Law to take an extra course in “Big Busts in Forested Hills” or something like that…. af

    • They pulled this same half ass crap last year in Benbow at a supposed cartel grow in the closed park. Shane came to my gate at 8:00pm on a Sunday, talking about how if we didn’t give him permission to cross our property to bust the grow they would just cut the gate. After they stopped BSing us and told us it was a grow on state park we let them, but told them it was to steep and brushy. They showed up 9:00am on wed, took them almost thee hours to hack through a half mile of brush and they didn’t catch anyone, found my uncle’s water tank for fire fighting on the side of his road clearly marked (FIRE WATER) and gave us shit for a hour convinced it was part of the grow. Talk about amateur hour, I know kids that play call of duty that could plan a tactical raid better…

    • It’s a joke. Why don’t they actually arrest someone?

  • Why did they let then get away? All this law enforcement and could not even get one of them guys ):

  • Why do they think they can grow on public lands, just because you drive 20 min up a small remote road doesn’t mean you are all alone and can do whatever you want. We can see it from the air, and people hike, bicycle and ride these public lands.. Cuneo creek area is a very well visited area by tourists and local horseback riders, I’ve ridden almost the whole park, it’s a beautiful wilderness area, you can see bears, coyotes, bees and deer all over. This is very sad. So glad they were caught!!

  • All the federales say, they could have had them any day, they only let them go, out of kindness I supose.

  • Does anyone know if the grow was in the Carl A Anderson Natural Preserve?

  • Wow , desperate . The illegals bring many things to society . Some good , some bad . We have to deal with them no matter what, there are too many to deport . Make sure your children stay away from the bad products they make and distribute . Educate the young and provide high quality jobs . Otherwise the next generation will follow the last . More crime , more drugs .

  • Well, if they had trackers on their team, they could have followed the runners. (sigh)

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  • Measure Z funds spent cleaning up state land? WTF

  • H H hope they catch that 3 armed guy! I’d like to get a good L L L LOOK at him.

  • veterans friend

    Any photos of the three armed suspect? Or do we wait for the carnival freak show?

  • Seems everyone missed the real story here: “Lear Asset Management Inc.”

    Park service hiring US based mercenary law enforcement? To keep parks safe?

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