Helicopter Rescue at Klamath Beach

According to Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman, a hiker was rescued today from the Klamath Beach Road area in Del Norte County by a Cal Fire helicopter. The hiker, she said, “fell down while climbing” in the area. The call came in a little before 2 p.m.

Cal Fire found a male rock climber who had fallen from rocks and injured his ankle. He had a laceration to his arm and hypothermia. He was transferred to an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Thanks to all the agencies involved in the rescue:

  • CAL FIRE: BC, Engine, Type 1 Hand Crew, C102 with Hoist
  • Klamath Fire
  • Del Norte Ambulance
  • Del Norte Search and Rescue
  • Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office


  • I was there. And let me tell you that is one
    hell of a pilot.

  • Clem Kadidlehopper

    Cool Photo! Awesome C-102 has a hoist now. Bigger more powerful aircraft than the old Green and Orange 102, back in the 80’s. Go 102!

  • Clem Kadidlehopper

    They always had good pilots.

    • I am / was quite impressed. Coast guard called it off because of foggy weather. Cal fire only focused on saving someone’s life, and did the unthinkable maneuvering only seen once in a lifetime.

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