Car Crash Near Clam Beach


Passersby check a vehicle in an accident by Clam Beach. [Photo from reader.]

According to the California Highway Patrol page, at approximately 11:40 a.m., a vehicle that was possibly involved in reckless driving has been in an accident near Clam Beach on Hwy 101.

According to a passerby the airbags were deployed. However, the CHP page states that there are no injuries and the vehicle is out of the roadway.



  • Prius driver. Topped only by Subaru and BMW drivers as the most inconsiderate and just plain bad drivers.

  • Claud Krashcup

    Honest officer, a clam ran right out in front of my car! If I hadn’t swerved I’da hit him for sure. These clams have no respect for law and order.

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