Leggett Man Arrested After Wild Run, Alleges Mendocino Law Enforcement

CaptureIt took multiple law enforcement agencies to corral John Hill of Leggett late Sunday night, said Mendocino County Sheriff Lt. Greg Stefani. A Mendocino Sheriff’s deputy spotted Hill tailgating on Hwy 1, Stefani said, and attempted to pull Hill over. Hill left the main road and the officer “lost him on dirt roads.”

According to Stefani, the California Highway Patrol eventually located Hill and “the chase resumed.” Speeds were “under 100 mph” and there was “not a lot of heavy traffic” in the area between Mendocino and Fort Bragg.

Fort Bragg police coming from the north were able to lay down a spiked strip which punctured Hill’s tires. Hill then surrendered without incident, Stefani said.

Hill was arrested for felony evading a peace officer and evading a police officer by going the wrong way. He also was arrested for misdemeanor driving under the influence and driving when privilege is revoked.



  • Dip waud!

  • That’s to bad he’s a really good guy just having a rough time right now. hope everything works out for him

  • Johns a good man, and a good driver he should have out ran them cops then he’d be a hero,

  • Glad to read this whole thing started over tailgating. Maybe he and other tailgaters will think about this and change their behavior (yeah, I know, wishful thinking).

  • Defending someone who is endangering others with their erratic , unsafe driving is what’s wrong here! Every dickhead has a defender. The next overpriveliged, entitled loser who runs me off my dirt road will be bear sprayed, hog tied, and delivered to HCS.

    • If you insist on going 20mph, pull over instead of trying to enforce your speed on others. the world moves fast. dudes got places to got to.

      • First world problems.

        Fuck that. I’m sick of people driving too fast around here. I usually have a child in the car and I’m with the other commented. I love to go slow when someone is tailgaiting MD and watch the look in their eyes like their whole day is ruined cuz they had to slow down on a one lane road.. Pretty crazy cra. Sick of it. And it’s usually punk kids in big trucks
        Slow down for the sake of other people lives jackassess

        • Biz As Usually

          Pull over and be safe “for the sake of other peoples lives, jackasses”. Being the lap car and setting the speed does NOT make the situation safer. Being a complete prick is no way to drive, even if it is slow and safe.

        • Holding them back will only cause them do do something stupid like pass in a bad spot.That game ur playing with them will endanger you,especially when you have a kid in the car

  • Nobody calls him chicken!

  • Claud Krashcup

    F… Tailgaters!

  • veterans friend

    Evasion is supposed to be an automatic 6 months in jail. Wanna bet he does a whole lot less?

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