North Coast Water Rights Workshop

Press release:

Salmonid Restoration Federation and Trout Unlimited will be hosting a North Coast Water Rights Workshop for rural residential landowners. The workshop will highlight California water law, including riparian and appropriative rights and related water laws. It will include an optional clinic component to help landowners fill out Small Domestic Use or other permitting paperwork.

When:May 17, 2016
Time:5:30pm – 8pm
Where:Beginnings School in Briceland, CA. Click here for a map and to get directions.

The registration fee is $20 and advanced registration is recommended. You can also register at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


  • “Whiskey is fer drinkin’, water is fer fightin’ over.”
    Mark Twain

  • I take protecting my property & water rights (directly related to the value of the property) very seriously. I also take seriously protecting the fish and environment. Looking for balance.
    If I have already secured a ‘3rd Party Verifier’, might there be info at this meeting that Verifiers do not know or would not share unless asked?
    Will there be info that has not been presented at other ‘water meetings’?
    There seems to be little info about the criteria for non-jurisdictional water. It’s “rare” I am told. ’95-97% of water is jurisdictional’ (meaning that the state can control the access to the water). Don’t think organizations or agencies really want to support this right. I have some non-juridctional water and intend to maintain my rights (year ’round access). And will continue to put a lot of that water into the creeks, as I have down for 30+ years.
    I appreciate that Adona White (of the North Coast Water Board) has admitted that ‘these new regulations are new territory to us (the ‘Board’) too’. And reports from the field confirm this in that the rules are being inconsistently applied.
    3-5 years from now the ‘dust’ should have settled and the application of the regs likely more consistent. As one who is heeding the call to ‘get on board now’ and ‘do the right thing’ for the environment, I don’t want to have been penalized by losing rights due to some ‘expert’s’ (personal) opinion now. Rights once lost will not return.
    We rural land owners must learn from this experience and communicate together to establish continuity and enhance our individual and collective rights!
    (Would be really good if the organizers record the meeting(s) for those of us who can’t be there that day, the post it [audio on KMUD? Video on YouTube)]. Inquiring minds want to know!)

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