First Recreational Marijuana Initiative Poised to Qualify for November Ballot

Outdoor marijuana bud (1 of 1)Want legalization? Don’t want legalization? You should know that enough signatures have now been collected, according to backers, to allow the Adult Use of Marijuana Act to go on the ballot this fall. The signatures are now in the process of being verified. If enough are certified as valid, and it is expected they will be, AUMA, as the initiative is known, will be put before the voters in November.

Below is an information sheet on what the initiative contains according to its proponents.

The Los Angeles Times has a story about the initiative here. According to the article,

Hezekiah Allen of the California Growers Assn., which represents growers and other businesses in the cannabis industry, fears the interests influencing this vote could wipe out California’s small marijuana operations and lead to “big marijuana” companies akin to the nation’s powerful tobacco giants.

“We don’t want there to be a Philip Morris of marijuana,” he said.




  • i don’t care what this does to “the industry”. I just want to grow my six plants per year and smoke my ganja without fear of our antiquated laws.

    • Looks like county’s or city’s will be able to set a limit of only 1 single plant, grown, harvested ect at a time. They will not be able to completely ban growing for personal use though. I dont see anything that will prevent county’s/city’s from setting property size limits. They may create ordinances that allow only those with large parcel sizes to grow plants for personal use.


      • 6 plants in that are seedlings, vegetative, flowering or drying. Once it’s chopped it becomes personal stash that is in the confines of your own home which can be more than 1 ounce if it is from a personal grow.

  • 11362.3.
    (a) Nothing in Section 11362.1 shall be construed to permit any person to:

    (4) Possess an open container or open package of marijuana or marijuana products while driving, operating, or riding in the passenger seat or compartment of a motor vehicle, boat, vessel, aircraft, or other vehicle used for transportation.

    Are you fucking kidding me?!

  • First world problems.

    Thanks to all the phony heads out there that took weed to a greedy level. White boy trusty cartel, sell out and wanna be gangstas and fake outlaws. The people some of us were trying to avoid ha e infiltrated and legalization is a bmber instead of amazing, like it should be. But it will only be legal if the hands of our beaurocrazy can get its greazy fingers in on it… And emerald magazine used to have absolutely not even one weed related ad, now loom at it. Maybe you’re not a good writer or journalist. Maybe the true heads n kind folk wanna stay underground without any if the political oligarchy or greedy white people involved. And it will keep rolling until the plant is just as legal as one I know will ever buy state branded registered ganja. Buncha punks going for money. Babylon is taking over still.. Here come the mega mega grows. Great. Already losing our sight if the milky way with all the goddamned fluorescent lights. If you can’t make a good living and save up and take care if you and yours with no more than 30 full sun plants, you ain’t kind and you don’t deserve marijuana.
    Mic drop

  • First world problems.

    Every time a new greenhouse gets put up for a dep or a pallet of soil gets bought, forest spirits die

  • Meaghan Simpson

    I will never vote for such lame recreational legalization that does not have strict heirloom certified organic methods and materials and very prudent limitations to quantities! The big ugly illegal mafia thugs committing crimes against our forests, mountains and river and oceans with Giant grows and illegal cutting of forests, illegal grading of hillsides, illegal diversions of springs, creeks, rivers, deadly poisons pesticides and fertilizers, rodenticides, extreme water abuses/uses, polluting and killing our heritage wildlife species on land, creeks, rivers, oceans! These invaders yuppies high-end high tech mafia thugs who formed Humboldt County Cannabis Voice ordinance scam so they can destroy humanity and all living things and raise $25 million growing recreational marijuana and turning our medicine into a harmful deadly herb like what happened to medicinal tobacco used by all shamans in the Americas for thousands of years from north tip of canada to the south tip of AMERICA! BEFORE corporations poisoned medicinal tobacco with 10,000 poisons PETRO chemicals!

    We knew it in the 60’s when legalization became a cause and big corporations took out patents and copyrights for marijuana brands in lieu of legalization! Now that we are surrounded by mega greed coming from around the world and corporations and 10,000 illegal mega grows in Humboldt County and more in Mendo… How can we protect recreational MJ from continuing to be a vicious monster creating great harms to human health and the health and safety of our environment! Everything is way out of control and scary. I know many conscious community citizens are working hard on all the aspects of the issues in this catastrophe we are in the midst of, BUT
    Enough is enough is enough!!! Vote NO on recreational! I know NORML is a weak link
    as they have promoted legalization for so long, without claiming the high ground to hold the strict heirloom certified organic standards that our medicinal has been rooted in for 50 years! NORML says, well we cannot argue for a person’s right to grow
    and demand organic purity standards! I say NORML should set a much higher bar and use legalization efforts to educate the public about the affordability and health benefits of heirloom certified organic!

  • Corporate Take Over

    Vote NO

  • John McAfee is making more & more sense to me, when he promotes to decriminalize. He just might get my vote for president after all.

  • The Grim Reaper Smokes Recreational Weed

    This is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! Got to love it! Free the Herb! Say good bye to all the greedy ass growers living high on the hog and on the backs of the poor. The oligarchy in charge of the local cannabis industry is on the ropes and recreational legalization will be the final blow. Thought you were all compliant and shit w/ the new rules in place? Haha! U are just hamsters on a wheel chasing the brass ring. Weed up topic is about to end and a new era is about to begin. Just look at CO, WA & OR. Weed is at $2-3 wholesale now. They can’t give it away. A bunch of new canabis businesses are no under water or have closed up shop. Watch as Humboldt crashes and burns when recreational weed is legalized. Phillips Morris and the tobacco cartel have already purchased thousands of acres in Humboldt & Mendocino. Pretty soon everyone will be fighting each other to enter the BLACK MARKET again, so they can actually make some money. After the big decline in the price of herb, rising costs and taxes growers will feel like they got robbed after they pull off their 1st legal crop. Watch. Everyone will be crying they want the old days back where weed was $4000 to $5000 a pound and all they need we’re a few lights and few plants outside to make a good living. Good luck hamsters. Keep spinning that wheel & get back to work. You are losing this race to the bottom. Pretty soon. 99% of the Emerald triangle growers will be out of business.

  • Bad “legalization” laws are a real problem, and certainly are nowdays more “over-regulation” than they are “legalization”.

    In CA, the AUMA is a disaster. And, people are mistaken in the claims it will “let you grow your own”, when it
    will really permit local governments to flat out ban outdoor grows, and will permit “reasonable regulation” of your indoor grow (and we all know what THAT will mean – besides, most folks cannot grow indoors for many reasons).

    This thing is a huge conglomeration of give-aways of power to storefronts and big farms, as well as litigation-ready employment for cops and lawyers. We can’t let the crappy be the enemy of the decent law we know is out there. The trick seems to be convincing some moneybag like Parker to back something worthwhile, and to convince the “pro pot lobby” to demonstrate a modicum of selectivity with their endorsements. The incremental “is it ANY better than what we have now?” (somewhat subjective, I might add) is threadbare at best, and probably harmful.

    We are not beggars. Demographics are shifting fast. We don’t need to settle for a crap sandwich.………/dear-s…

  • Keep it illegal, last thing we need is corporate pot farms !
    The rich get richer amd poor get poorer, vote for the libiterian, out with the democrats !

  • When home-grown pot is as highly regulated as home-grown tomatoes and when pigs fly… af

  • Back woods leggett don't take no $hip !

    Pigs do fly, camp, haha. and here in mendocino county were only alowed 2 thousand square feet of growing space, yes that includes our vegies gardens to. Soo we can only growe our medical, vegies amd flowers in a 2000 square foot area. Tell me that’s not horse $#!t
    Our government is way to controlling !

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