Another Ab Diver Missing on Mendocino Coast

US_Coast_Guard_Helicopter_in_flight (1)

Coast Guard helicopter [Stock photo from Wikipedia by Vlad Lazarenko]

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

On Monday, 05-09-16, at about 8:00 AM, a 57 year old man from Oakland, Ca, and several of his friends and family went into the Pacific Ocean near Moat Creek Beach, Point Arena, in search of abalone. The missing person was diving nearby and did not surface. As the group searched for him, 911 was called.
Members of the Redwood Coast Volunteer Fire Department were dispatched, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies and Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue volunteers also responded, and the United States Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter. The diver was not located and by the time search divers had arrived the ocean had become too rough. The searchers continued to search along the beaches until the evening without locating the diver. Mendocino County Search and Rescue volunteer divers plan to dive the area at daybreak on 05-10-16, weather permitting.

[Photo attribution: By Vlad Lazarenko (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons]

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Horrible to hear this.

  • Legalize limited commercial abalone fishing. Ban sport fishing. Eat abalone in restaurants and save lives every year. I’m ready for the comments from the anti fishing, timber, construction and growth crowd. Go!

    • Yeah, and require people to ride buses cuz lots of people die in car crashes. And stop planting flowers as they attract bees and as we know more people die from bee stings than drowning. Lets not forget snow skiing, people run into trees and die. Ah heck, get rid of tackle football too, the risk of a concussion is too great……

      • And let’s not forget wars. America loses more people when politicians,i.e. George Bush start wars that kill many young American men and women. Stop wars…… lives.

    • You should not seek to over regulate life. Leave the fish to those who fish for them . There would be more fish.

  • Could start an Abalone farm. They do exist. How ever going Abing is like fishing. Going is the best part, most of the time.

  • Bad start to the family has been diving for abs before I was born.raised to dive,that ocean is very serious,always changing and unforgiving.never go alone dive in pairs,I or who wasn’t diving always stood watch and we had a set time,maybe we were to cautious,but we always came home!!!I hope they make it home.god bless

  • I’ve noticed that the majority of missing divers are from the Bay Area. Local divers seem to have safer diving practices. Mabey we need better diving education classes available? Or signs that show the number of missing divers. It’s crazy that people come from the city and don’t know the waters well and then try to dive farther out, and in rougher conditions than locals will. Then again some people will just always be ignorant.

    • Amen to that!!Eel707

    • Rockn scubaguy

      Not sure if i agree….these people work hard and deal with issues like road rage and big city crap daily.
      Now it’s vacation and all they want is to go get some of those delicious abs.
      Upon arrival, the diving conditions are less than amazing we’re local and have the luxury of saying not today. But these people probably had to put in for this time off months ago.
      Kinda tough to come all this way and not go do the one thing they came to do…
      I am a certified diver now but i remember the first time i got into the ocean…visibility was terrible and the current was just way more than I could have imagined.
      But at the time i lived in Redding so crappy conditions or sweet! If i was next to the ocean….you betcha!!! I’m in !! We all understand that risk is EVERYWHERE don’t let it stop you from finding your happiness. Thanks

  • mendocino mamma

    How about we just don’t eat Abalone anymore so much work required to clean it to eat it. The danger and the work required to be harvested and to maintain the fishery that is now in a deep decline how about let’s just not eat any more folks and move on to something else.

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  • Can someone refer us a team of professional divers that can help locate my father in law? We need to bring his body back to the family so they can have closure. Please for those of you that give or will give negative comments, please try to understand life can end anywhere at anytime. This was his passions and he loves his hobbies. It was an unfortunate events that ended sadly.Thank you for your understanding.

    • I will check around and see. Have you tried contacting the local dive shops?

      • We haven’t. Was waiting for the search and rescue team by the sheriff and they said the environment is too rough and will seek more experience divers. It has been 3 days and nothing yet. Thank you so much for any leads, Kym.

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