[UPDATE 2 P.M.] Three Slides Closed Beach Access to Shelter Cove


Slides close Shelter Cove beach. [Photos by Shanna Archibold]

Press release from Cal Fire:

Three slides came down onto/into the beach access at Shelter Cove.  Two were still active when the Fire Department arrived.  It was confirmed that there were NO rescues needed.  Shelter Cove Fire evacuated the beach so that people would not become entrapped. The Chief of Shelter Cove is still at scene however all other resources have returned.458903a6-a915-4a14-9e6b-570589375910

UPDATE 2 p.m.: According to Cheryl Antony spokesperson for Shelter Cove Fire, “The access road to the beach at the Marina is open. It’s just dangerous going onto the beach south of the Marina, as the slides ( 2 of them ) are active.”



  • So did they remove that 2016 Tacoma yet that was past dead man’s getting hammered by the waves for days on end last week? Shouldn’t we know that no one really cares about engine oil and such making it into our cove??

    • Seriously after a trillion gallons of oil spewed into the Gulf, what is a few more qaurts.

    • The photographer tells me the vehicle is a “Ford Raptor ($80,000) vehicle that appears almost brand new. With a after market lift kit, etc…(now we’re up to $100,000) It is still there. And rolling in the surf. It is after No Pass Point, so there is no way to remove it. Talk about a waste of money! “

      • The lift and shocks are put on at the factory, by Ford. Aftermarket products and tuning is what makes a Raptor. Not 100k

        • Well obviously it comes with shocks and maybe a lift from the factory, but that doesn’t mean the owner didn’t opt to get better shocks and or higher lift installed from else where (Even though the Fox shocks they come with are supposibly pretty high quality) Either way even if kym is off with the 100k, you can’t buy a brand new one of those for less then 60k, so 60-80 depending on options is about right. Such a nice truck…

  • They tech the boys in the army there’s no such thing as can’t. You don’t really believe they can’t get it out do you?
    You might as well believe everything you hear on the news then. Believe it, they can get it out, no problem.
    Besides what is supposed to happen ?
    Just leave in the surf??

    • That’s what they did . It’s been there a while . I’d say they are just leaving it to the insurance to deal with .

      • shit , the county wont even remove cars that are abandoned on the side of briceland road , like the one with spray paint all over it that some ass hats pushed almost over the edge …..

  • The beach just keeps getting closer.

  • The slides where gon by the time we left our mothers day festivitysat 5 pm

  • Big Louie, the slides were gone by 5? Where did they go? Washed out to sea? Seems like the whole hill side is very unstable right now.

  • possibly we can use the new road illegally cut down to Deadmans last year by the real estate developer from Florida and the R.I.D. ?

  • Mary Ann Machi

    Slides are part of an ongoing process of erosion. A large part of those bluffs, especially along the base, are blue clay so they easily slip out. Earthquakes can trigger slides as well, as happened in in April 1992 when 3 big quakes happened over 1 weekend. One huge slide in 1957 near the base of the road killed a man. This photo may or may not have been that slide.

  • Sigh… It is a really ugly thing to see when people are both negligent with their own property as well as the local environment they inhabit. We all need beaches and public spaces to be available for everyone to enjoy. How enjoyable is it to walk in the cove and see someone’s negligence and stupidity on display everyday? Callous dis-regard is the “norm” in Shelter Cove and SoHum in general which sucks cause it is truly a beautiful place to experience. But folks will continue to do awful things to public and private spaces until regulations and enforcement is put in place. Then of course all the same fools who trashed their world will bitch about future restrictions and their lack of access to it. The ones who will truly suffer are the next generation who get to inherit this mess.

    Block vehicle access to the beaches and rivers make people get out of their cars and walk a bit to enjoy the natural world. Maybe in the process of exercising our legs we just might exercise our minds as well.

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  • Any updates on the Raptor? Is it still on the beach?

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