Sleeping Fortuna Citizens Wake Up to Thefts

Fortuna Police Department FPD Blur 2

Fortuna Police Seal [Photo Credit: Fortuna Police Department]

Shortly after 6 AM this morning, Fortuna Police received several calls about a black Nissan Altima occupied by two men.  The men would park in a neighborhood and then go out on foot, walking up to houses with unsecured items in their yard or carport area.  The men were then seen running back to their vehicle with a stolen Husqvarna chainsaw and two weed trimmers, one of the callers reported.

The vehicle is described as a black 4d Nissan Altima with tinted windows.  The rear passenger window is further described as having a reflective coating on it.  As of this time, no description of the men has been provided.

The early morning thefts occurred near the 3500 blk. of School Street and also at a residence on 10th Street.

If you have been a victim of theft or are familiar with the suspect vehicle, please contact FOPD at 725-7550 or through their online anonymous WeTip program.



  • Speaking of sleeping, do you ever? Thanks for always being on top of what’s going on.

  • Pawn Stars!

  • Why are some people such garbage?

  • Couple of tweekers up all nite…I live on school st. The world is a different place now. None the less, Happy mothers day to all!

  • Yep that’s when most of the thiefs happen,ours did they suck!!!Sharon i.agree and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you,and all Mothers!!!

  • Welcome to Scumboldt County! Thieves to the left of me, junkies to the right, here I am…

  • I still love Humboldt.

    Stuck in the middle again.

  • Smartass time waster

    Hey maybe there was like a totally justifiable lawncare emergency taking place somewhere and these two heroes upon recognizing said emergency acted not only swiftly but selflessly as they smoked that meth HotWired that altima and creeped around outside your house dripping sweat at 6 am while your lazy ass just crawled on your hands and knees from your bed to your window blinds while whisper shouting to your fat assed sleeping wife “oh my god hunny call the police I think that the junkies found us!”

  • So the voyueristic selfless citizens of School Rd. Spotted the bumbling tweakers committing the crime of no-century-ever. Noticed make and model of precision thieving/getaway vehicle, AND make of the chainsaw, yet couldn’t get a description of the poor weed trimmers? I’m sure those poor bastards were kicking and screaming as they were dragged across the lawn… Trim trays flying everywhere, fiskars not placed back into the organic non-toxic resin solvent, bitching non-stop about getting their $200 right now… Yet no bars of soap. Never any soap. Just more backpacks… So many backpacks. . . . . . .

    Wait. What happened?

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