‘Man Extremely Under the Influence’ Fought EPD

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This image and the following ones show Eureka Police Officers struggling with a man suspected of being intoxicated. [Photos taken by Robert Taylor]

Multiple Eureka Police Officers worked to subdue a man they said was “extremely under the influence” yesterday about 11:20 a.m. near the intersection of Oregon Street and Highland Avenue. At one point at least five officers, attempted to hold down the struggling man.

According to scanner traffic, the man was eventually taken to the hospital. We are not sure of all the details at this point. We’ve attempted to get more information from the Eureka Police Department but as it is a weekend, getting hold of someone able to answer questions is difficult.

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  • Eurekas Finest. Way to go Idaho!! He probably got out a hour later. What a joke. The laughing stock of California…

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Fighting the police will guarantee you an ass whipping. Dumb ass.

  • old town observer

    back nearer the first of the month there was a spate of ‘I fought the law, but the law won’ arrestees, one a demented woman who threw a rock through our parked car windshield and stabbed all four tires..and she fought the officers as well, one cop told me this was a ‘thing’ then, and Mills was quoted speculating about some suggestion it was a ‘bad’ shipment of meth…as if there was a good one..

    The rock throwing woman came from a house with a lot of drug sale traffic, still not POPped as far as we can see..

  • Coletta Hughes

    Probably just another of the low life’s that’s recently moved into Humboldt. Wish we could see his mug so we’d know who to avoid in the future.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Again, much of the scum is local…. You are very ignorant! Very seldomly do we see a drugged out person make headlines from out of the area, for anything besides robbery attempts and even those are few and far between. Or scum generally beat them to the punch!

      I wish we could ship some of the bleeding hearts we acquired, then maybe we can begin to clean up the streets. Too many prop 47 voters allowing these piles of trash to continue their antics!

      • get it together

        In case you forgot to look at news outside our county sometimes, these issues are happening everywhere and we are in fact doing pretty well comparatively.
        Yeah all those religious bleeding hearts who are following Jesus teachings to help the downtrodden are really ruining our towns. Not.
        I think if you hate it so much then move somewhere with no bleeding heart types and then see what it’s like with no community assistance programs.

        Prop 47 not the problem, moving state offenders to local county jails to serve their sentences is the problem. And it’s one to call your reps about as it was an assembly bill that created the situation not a proposition. Our jail was never meant to have prisoners serve sentences. Direct your anger at the proper spot and maybe things could change. If you don’t wanna do anything then leave the country; democracy is not a spectator sport!

        • sharpen your pencil

          You are hilarious. I’m not going anywhere, I laugh at your trollish attempts. If you don’t see how catch in release is an issue then you are as ignorant ad Coletta!

          Also wtf does people serving sentences in our jail have to do with junkies being raised here? It is a common misconception that these people are from out of the area, when they are not! Im not saying it is only our issue. The bleeding hearts that think they are going to change the world by talking about it aren’t fixing squat! Yet they want to treat everyone like they are 10 years old and hold their hands through life, only to turn their backs to be robbed!

    • It must feel great to make judgement. How does it feel on that high horse? You have no idea what challenges this person faces. This is a sad story. I know him personally. And you are SO very wrong for your words.

  • He is just one of the dejected meth zombie from devil playground.

    • sharpen your pencil

      That guy is way to high class with dickies shorts and some fresh cortez’s. Ballin! Well speedballin anyways!

  • I fought the law,and the law won!!!!!AND A HAPPY DAY TO ALL MOTHERS

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  • That is my step brother who has mental issues his childhood wasn’t pleasant never had anyone care for him like a kid should mom is strung out n his dad never was a dad either. He is a native boy from here n he isn’t a low life or bad he is just lost with no home or anyone that cares his mom married my father when he went down for a 14 year sentence when my dad was out is the only time her boys which there is 3 of them had love n a home. Her youngest is the only one in high school with honers. But Ben n his other brother are mentally unstable n it hurts to know that he is out n the world again getting into situtions like this. I tried to help him but he couldn’t stay clean n sober so he ended up leaving. I wish he just would of stayed with me at least he wouldn’t have all you judging him n getting beat up by epd. He is just a kid 18 yrs old.

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