The Legend of David!



On Thursday, May 5, The Legend of David was born!

Mike Dronkers, radio personality and HSU employee, tells us,

“Something pretty great just happened here on campus. A student was passing out free pizza in front of the library with the help of some friends. We didn’t get his last name, but David said he had extra J Points (J Points are meal plan credits) at the end of the semester and wanted to “share with the community”. So he bought a stack of pizzas that was probably three or four feet high. Then he passed them out to anyone who was hungry.

YUM! Pizza party!

“Since it’s the Thursday before finals, it was definitely an inspiring moment during a stressful week,” Dronkers told us.

Now David didn’t seem to want a whole lot of credit for his deed but…neither did he mind his photo being taken. So we don’t think it’s giving away too much to say that he’s the guy in brown jacket below.

And here’s a magical moving picture of the event we found on Instagram.




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