Little South Fork Elk River Trail Reopened

Press release from the Bureau of Land Management:

The Little South Fork Elk River Trail located 3 miles from the Headwaters Forest Reserve parking area is now open. The trail was temporarily closed in mid-March to reduce erosion and protect public safety. Due to the recent weather conditions, the trail is now dry and safe for hiking.

For more information about the Headwaters Forest Reserve contact the BLM Arcata Field Office at: (707) 825-2300 or the office website at

Now that the trail’s back open and it’s Saturday…What about a hike? Check out this site for more information.



  • It looks like an interesting alternative. It took a little bit of searching around to figure out exactly where this “Little” South Fork trail is… your clue of its being 3 miles into the main trail helps, as that’s where the big trail turns right and follows on up to the Old-Growth loop. I couldn’t find a map of the trail, only a couple maps of the entire Headwaters area, which show a narrow tract of public land all along the Little So. Fork and back south into the main holdings. But couldn’t see whether the trail hooks onto the main Headwaters trail and you could do a loop, or if it’s a dead end, its own out-and-back.

    Well, i guess that’s what exploring is about… i kind of like it when not too much is revealed online!

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