What a BMMR There Aren’t More Sessions! (The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation’s Coming to Arcata)

Press release from the Marijuana Policy Project:

Harvest of buds (1 of 1) marijuanaThe Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (BMMR) is touring the state and conductinginformational sessions with members of the public.

The purpose of the sessions is to provide information about the emerging regulatory process and the new agency itself. This is a great opportunity to hear directly from BMMR representatives and offer input to those who will be crafting the new system in the months to come.

Upcoming events include multiple sessions at each of the following cities:

Friday, May 6 — Sacramento

Monday, May 9 — Los Angeles

Wednesday, May 11 — North Coast [Arcata]

Wednesday, June 1 — San Francisco

Other locations may also be added.

Space is limited, and members of the public who wish to attend should register. For exact locations, times, and links to the registration pages for those who wish to attend, click here.

The BMMR’s main webpage, including a link to sign up for email alerts from the agency, is here.

Please forward this email to those who might be interested in attending!



  • If you cannot attend, there is an on-line survey that could be helpful for them to review in order to address local cincerns.

  • Woohoo! Beauracrats on tour. Power to the State!

  • It is nice that we have provided so many jobs to so many regulatory agencies with the new taxes and regulations that we are jokingly calling “legalization”. Quite an economy springing up around it! Lots of office workers and mid-level managers and inspectors and paper-shufflers all riding on the back of this wonderful change we are embracing! But how are we paying for them all? Oh, it’s coming out of the farmers’ pockets. What did you expect? Isn’t it wonderful and safe and make you feel all progressive inside?!

    • veterans friend

      You said that so nicely. Thanks for attempting to be a reality check. Folks seem to falling right in line…except NOT. Didn’t the sheriff just say there are 8000 grow in the county & about 50 are coming into compliance?

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