Seven Raids Conducted Simultaneously as a Result of Long Investigation, Says Humboldt County Sheriff

Downey mk

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey speaking at an event last year.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the Drug Task Force and other agencies are conducting raids in multiple areas throughout the county. Sheriff Mike Downey tells us there was one raid in Scotia, one in Fortuna and FIVE in Rio Dell.

“There are numerous agencies involved,” he said.

“We are in the process of seizing considerable amounts of methamphetamine and heroin and the proceeds that go along with that,” Downey explained. He said that the operation was conducted simultaneously at all the locations. The places were raided at seven this morning. A number of people, he explained have been taken into custody but, at this point, he does not have the exact amount.

The investigation proceeding the raids has been underway for some months now, according to Downy. He promised a press release would be coming out later in the day.



  • Hooked on heroin? Still on meth ?
    You can stop the abuse and help others by calling the tip line
    Get help, pick up the phone, turn dealers in.
    Eureka PD (707) 441-4373. Sheriffs 707-268-2539

  • Thank you HCSO!

  • Mo’ Betta.. We don’t farm that poison

  • If no one is hurt in the raids, I shall shed no tear.

  • Illegals go home!

    They were distributing drugs that destroy people. I have no pity for them. May they all rot and die in jail.

  • Good job EPD ! I’m happy to see EPD is really working hard to clean up these towns. It’s about time!

    • william tillman

      EPD had nothing to do with it ,Fortuna led the way.

    • This is HC sheriff’s office not EPD.
      And finally some bigger busts on meth and heroin. Soooooo much of both being made and used here.
      Wait til they finally bust some of the meth making spots in the hills.
      It makes even a horrible pot scene look like nothing. The amount of water and soil that gets toxified from meth by-product is startling. The water may not always be diverted but you can bet it’s poisoned, and will be for a long time. Way worse than a diversion, kills for miles and miles.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is music to my ears! Keep it up. There’s a ton more out there.

    It sounds like the departments have came together. I’m happy to hear the departments are working together.

    I hope the DA’s office will work together with you all as well.

    This is diffently team work and as we know the DA has to step up too.

    Good job! Stay Safe!

    Stay safe and again thank you!

  • Good job! Go get ’em!

  • Yay!!get all that shit off the streets and chase all the drug dealers outta Here!!!

  • Sprowel Creek

    Glad to see! Hope they get down to Redway and Garberville soon. Drug deals occur right on the street now. Same vehicles and the same people, day after day.

    • First world problems.

      Yuuup. Pretty easy to spot. Maybe garberville is the newbie grounds where the people that would get swallowed up anywhere else are residing. Oh, and some of them are related to you and you and you and me. It sucks, but it’s beyond letting that get in the way any longer. Peace on the streets

  • Thanks law enforcement for all of your hard work to get this stuff off the streets.

  • This is what happens when you sell heroin at the Devils Playground. You will be found and arrested. If your a dealer or runner, it would be best to find a new line of work. Your days are numbered.

  • Wouldn't be here if my parents hadn't immigrated

    What is the common denominator associated with all of those arrested? Nobody will say it, so I will. They are Hispanics. It is high time that we all recognized the scourge of heroin and meth in our community and the despicable influence that the Mexican cartel and their “undocumented immigrants” have on our communities. Our local law enforcement is doing what it can, but if our federal government treats the undocumented folks with kid gloves, what’s going to happen? I have no problem with Hispanics or any other immigrants. Heck, my grandparents were immigrants. The difference is that many of today’s immigrants ignore our laws and regulations, whereas my grandparents immigrated legally. All of us need to stand up and demand that our government enforce our laws equally and fairly. Unfortunately, the American life boat is being swamped. Before we can save others, we must first save ourselves. Illicit drugs have no place in our community.

  • Too bad they are already headed back to mexico to get some more dope .why u ask ? When YOU Don’t Check IMMAGRATION Status ? They have a open road back to mexico I wonder how they would like it if we went to there country pollute there stream s give meth and heroin to there kid s Descartes there national forest .leaving garbage in there wake ,but at any rate good jod DTF it’s only the tip of the iceberg go to Garberville a,nd watch the junkies shoot up on main street .

    • Descarte-ing their national forests!

      Even I would find that shocking, even though…

      I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.

  • Great job!!

  • Hope they hold on to them this time. No confusion as the wether or not they get immediate release. That last snafu was a real let down to hopefull residents of the county.

  • Now were talking, keep kicking ass boys and girls, go Sheriffs office. Keep up the good work.

    And Humboldt residents keep turning them in, take the greed growers and the meth dealers out of the equation, and take back our community, our towns, and our County.

    • HAHAHA, I love the whole “greed” thing. Define greed and draw us a line so we know.

      • First world problems.

        More than 25 full sun plants. Greedy.

        • There is more people consuming now day oldtimer. So supply and demand says you need to grow more then 25 full sun plants to feed to people what they are going to get from some where. And if not from these fine hills then. God forbid they take there money to the scary Mexicans all you old white farts are so worked up about.

          Now back to the topic ! Thanks hcso for taking care of the dope though!!!

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