Water Conservation Still Active in the City of Fortuna


Emergency Conservation Regulations for the City of Fortuna. [Photo Credit: City of Fortuna website]

According to the City of Fortuna, Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator Douglas Culbert, drought conservation measures are still being observed in California.

Culbert said the State Waterboard held a public workshop last month and listened to input from stakeholders regarding the California drought. On May 18th, the Water Board will be making a decision on what to do about the current conservation measures which are currently being mandated.

Until that date, the City of Fortuna is still in a Stage 2 Water shortage. Outdoor watering is prohibited on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He suggested to check your timers to make sure they are set for the proper days (Tue-Thur-Sat-Sun) and to check the City’s website for additional prohibitions.

If you have any questions or see someone watering on prohibited days, Culbert would like you to please call his office at 725-1476. The after hours hotline for reporting gross water usage is 725-1426.



  • This reminds me of the old adage, “Much ado about nothing”.

    I’m sorry that people are having to adjust to completely outdated rules. This is just another reminder of how woefully unwieldy and inadequate our government is on anything above the county level. The good news is that people are showing signs of being fed up with the political systems that regulate us.

    Hopefully, we will be able to change things at the ballot box and be able to avoid a full scale revolution. If not, bring it on, I’m tired of this kind of stupidity.

  • william tillman

    Thanks for the info.

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