On Birthday of Man Missing Since October, Family Pleads for Help

ShannonHouse3 ShannonHouse2Today, Shannon House turns 40 but his family won’t be putting candles in a cake. Instead, they are sending out a plea to the public to help them find him. House disappeared one night in October in a rural area between Covelo and Kettenpom. His shoes, vehicle, wallet and phone were left behind. His wallet was in the truck, his phone was in the truck charging and his shoes were on the driver’s side floor but he was no where to be found.

Lavonna Kehm, his mother, pleads with the community saying, “We’re offering a reward for anyone who can find Shannon…We’ve gone back to Kettenpom and walked the road and flown the drone. I’ve contacted a private investigator… We’ve contacted 2 different psychics. Both have said Shannon is still alive.”

Kehm said that her family is heartbroken. “We should be celebrating [the] day with him by doing something he would enjoy doing on his birthday like target practicing or quads on the beach.” Instead, she says, they are struggling with grief.

If you have any information, please contact the the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 623-3740.ShannonHouse1

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  • Lavonna Kehm, I have thought of your son Shannon many times. I always wish him to be safe and warm and fed. You are not alone in your worries.

  • I hope and pray you get answers soon girlfriend I know your pain of missing your son except mine is in heaven and your heart ache is the unknown

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