Did Somebody Find Out Your Social Security Number While Looking at Your Parcel Records?

Press release from Humboldt County government:

Humboldt County Department of Public Works BlurThe County of Humboldt announced today that five computer terminals used by the public in an office on the fifth floor of the county courthouse were misconfigured by a third-party software provider, potentially allowing access to limited confidential information.

On April 4, 2016, the county learned that individuals accessing parcel information in the fifth floor office may have been able to access certain information typically accessible only to county staff. Upon learning this, the county immediately launched an internal investigation and worked with its third-party software provider who maintains the software used on the terminals. The investigation determined that when the county upgraded its property assessment software last year, five computer terminals on the fifth floor of the county courthouse were misconfigured by a third-party software provider to allow access to additional non-public information.

Individuals who viewed parcel information from one of the misconfigured computer terminals may have been able to access confidential information, including the parcel owner’s name and Social Security number. However, access to these computers is monitored by staff and, to date, the county has no evidence that any information has been used improperly or even accessed as a result of this incident. Moreover, the affected computers are not permitted to access the internet and the USB ports are disabled, further limiting the ability for someone to download or email information externally. Still, as precaution, we are posting a website notification with more information. The website notice includes a number to call if an individual believes they may be affected by this incident or if they have any questions.

“Even though there was probably pretty limited exposure here, we take these issues very seriously because we’re dealing with people and their personal information,” said Rex Bohn, First District Supervisor. “Regardless of how few computers could access the information or how likely it was that people even noticed it, the bottom line is this information needs to be protected. That’s our top priority.”

To help prevent a similar incident from reoccurring, we have already taken steps to enhance the security of our public terminals and correct the misconfiguration by our third-party provider. Going forward, we are running checks of our existing publicly accessible software and instituting additional measures to ensure security concerns are addressed on any new or upgraded programs.

Website Notification of Data Breach

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Awe crap what’s next is there nothing sacred .it’s becoming a fact that you get s credit check for employment now

  • Dr Brian Ormond

    I am not interested in people that PROBABLY had pretty limited exposure and the rest of the placating talk and hollow assurances that it is all taken care of.

    I want to know that it will never happen again. And that department heads hire the correct personnel and contractors that will insure it will not (under penalty of something really, really bad but still legal)happen again.

    Our county’s mantra is that it doesn’t have any money. How can it survive against a host of legal cases dealing with the loss or mismanagement of people’s names and Social Security numbers? (Explain in detail without the suggestion of a new tax that will pay a higher insurance bill.)

    I want to know which person in our third-party provider did the misconfiguration that led to individuals becoming able to access confidential information. At least I want the sheriff’s office to know their name(s). I want the third party provider’s name made public. And I want to know why we need to keep them under contract. I want a long closed session between the supes and the department heads and assistant department heads. I want supes and staff to know how thin the horse hair holding the sword above their head is.

  • there is a woman in Shelter Cove that spends a lot of time on the computer and telephone stealing/obtaining others personal info—-I have been a victim of this person as well as others–( DA has been notified )–my point is that it is very easy to do what these people have been doing and some of it is actually legal…..! if you have an account number-name-social security number-you are IN—! credit locks-security codes are a couple of measures to take against these people —remember they have the time to figure out new ways to access your info–pay attention—

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