Two Men Forced Their Way Into Woman’s Bedroom, and Attack Her, Allege Mendocino Sheriff’s Office

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty

Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSO BlurOn 5-2-2016, at about 8:25 PM, MCSO Deputies were dispatched to the 76000 block of Henderson Lane in Covelo regarding an assault with a knife.

Upon arrival Deputies determined that Oscar Lopez and Joshua Thomas had forcible entered a female victim’s bedroom at the residence and started to choke her. The female victim was able to break free of the male suspects at which time she ran towards the front door of the residence. However, her escape route was blocked by both Oscar Lopez and Joshua Thomas. The female victim started to scream for help, at which time Joshua Thomas came up from behind her with a knife threatening to cut her throat if she continued to scream. The female victim then grabbed the knife, pushing it away from her throat; causing a cut to a finger on her left hand. The female victim was able to escape by running out the back door of the residence.

It should be noted that the female victim in this matter refused medical attention.

…Oscar Armando Lopez was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit a criminal act. He was booked into the Mendocino County jail where he is currently being held on $30,000 bail.

…Joshua Michael Thomas was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit a criminal act and an outstanding arrest warrant for fraud.He was booked into the Mendocino County jail where he is currently being held on $55,000 bail.



  • The bail amounts on these violent crimes are absolutely SHAMEFUL!!They sound like a threat to society so there should be NO bail.

  • Seems like light bail considering the offense.

  • veterans friend

    To include the statement about the VICTIM refusing medical treatment for a “cut finger” seems gratuitous. I realize this is part of the press release, not Kym’s words, but really, if a bandaid will handle it, why is it signifigant.
    This woman is to be commended IMO
    I agree that the bail seems very low for the charges listed.

    • Even a slight cut is a cut from a deadly weapon . Maybe they state that she was cut for the purpose of charging them , also possibly to provide evidence to her stories validation . She is lucky ! And yes she should be commended .

  • clearlake fool

    wonder what happened to the attempted murder charge or possibly attempted rape charge

  • They only have to post $3000 and $5500!?! Who was the judge who cares so little about women? This is not a rhetorical question. Let’s not re-elect this judge.

  • They only have to post $3000 and $5500!?! Who was the judge who cares so little about women? This is not a rhetorical question. Let’s not re-elect this judge.

  • What would the bail have been if the victim was the judge? What the hell has happened to this country. When are we the people going to demand justice out of our justice system.

  • mendoci mamma

    Just terrible Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office you should be ashamed of yourself that assault is a precursor of murder and who knows those creeps could have done away with somebody else there’s a lot of missing girls around here what the hell I can’t believe that people that do those types of crimes but that actually hurt somebody cut and choke them are allowed to go free for pennies on the dollar Shame Shame Shame no wonder why they keep reoffending and when they get caught you get a free meal and a cot for a while Hurray for the criminals!!!

  • mendoci mamma

    Actually speaking of which Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office had another case like this about 2 weeks ago where the dude assaults his neighbor was arrested then ORd’ or bails out and then the next day or just a few days later goes and kills him…High on meth.
    and now for the victim in how the hell do you protect her in the future when those suckers get out on bail??? Covelo is a small town but the cops aren’t around that much and the Damage will be done long before they get there.

  • Nor Cal Local

    The SHAME is nonviolent cannabis offenses are considered more of a crime to the MCSO often having bails as high as 75 or 100 thousand. It seems to many that the Sheriff Department doesn’t consider crimes against women and children to be serious….. this is absolutely egregious for the Sheriff Department to set the bail that low, these violent predatory scum bags will be back out tonight…. SHAME ON MCSO.

  • The bail amount, and the choices of who stay in jail and who get ORed have very little to do with the crime and more to do with how much money you have. Most of the policing these days is about raising money for a unbelievably in dept Federal and state government. The foundation holding up the house of cards is crumbling and historically that’s when bodies of power start getting nasty.

  • #hashtag#peoplearestupid

    It seems to me that both the author of this editorial … and the following — quite rather disparaging — commentaries lack the true essence of either the factual realities, enamored vigor, or for that matter even veracity of the tragic events that took place that evening.

    Then again, what does the value of truth actually matter when over-generalizations, blatant assumptions and cold-stone deceit run rampart in a twenty-four hour media cycle?! The Art of Journalism (and for that matter subsequent investigation) died along with Americas 30-inch waist lines and penchant for selective hearing and TV dinners.

    As a HENDERSON-block neighbor, I heard all kinds of racketeering that evening. I’ve even heard rumors those men called 911 the prior evening at the Wagon Wheel Motel pleading for help, not to mention they went to Joel Merrfiel that day asking for Mendocino County Sheriffs.

    The alleged victim is a well known drug user with lifelong connections to some of the largest drug distributors in Covelo, she has plead to numerous felony charges of firearms and drug possession (meth), and she has done nothing but slander those men since they arrived in that dreadful town sometime earlier this year.

    I specifically like how she *magically* escaped two adult men (with serious allegations) who possessed a knife & intent to “kill her” when as a previous commentary stated, “it takes [deputies hours to arrive]” and she walked away with no need for medical assistance and a cud on her finger. Please, you expect us to believe two grown men couldn’t manage to “falsely imprison” a woman when they were in possession of a knife and it’s 2 on 1?!?

    And NOTE: the MSCO deputies who arrived not ten minutes after the alleged incident occured… Miraculous timing or NASCAR racing styles?! Hardly, the were responding to one of the gentlemen’s SECOND previous call for assistance in “removing his drug crazed mother from her lunatic anctics.” Check the 911 calls on the Media Logs.

    People deserve better journalism… Although given everyone penchant to believe bullshit.. I’ve got ocean front property in Arizona of anyone is interested..

    • #hashtag#peoplearestupid,
      This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. Ideally, we would have reporters combing the hillsides talking to witnesses. BUT, there’s basically me posting on this free website . Sadly, most people are not willing to pay the kind of money for news which would allow for the type of journalism you are calling for. However, if you have people who witnessesed anything, not just heard from someone else, I would be glad to talk to them.

      • Don’t feel bad Kym, this is obviously from the arrestees themselves. Who else would refer to themselves at “gentlemen” and complain about how they are portrayed by the media?

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