Redway Man Says Pot Deal Went Bad; Sheriff’s Office Looking for Suspects

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Pound of pot closeup. [Stock photo by Kym Kemp]

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Tuesday, May 3, 2016, just after midnight, a Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff met with a 39 year old male robbery victim. The victim told the deputy he was at his residence on the 1000 block of Redway Drive in Redway conducting a business transaction with two males. The victim told the deputy he met with two black male adults, one of whom he was familiar with, called “Cheick.” The victim told deputies he prepared the packaged marijuana for “Cheick.” “Cheick” gave the victim a large envelop that supposedly contained cash. Then “Cheick” asked to purchase additional packages of marijuana and when the victim turned his back, “Cheick” pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and took the original amount of marijuana and fled in a vehicle with the second suspect.

Suspect #1 is described as a black male adult, 38 years old, approximately 6’2” tall, 175 lbs, with a bald head, wearing a black button down shirt, black slacks, black shoes, and goes by the name, “Cheick.”

Suspect #2 is described as a black male adult, 32 years old, approximately 6’1” tall, 240 lbs, with long, braided dreadlocks with light facial hair, wearing a black and white button down shirt, and black slacks.

The suspect vehicle is a blue, newer model, hatchback, with dealer plates, possibly a Hyundai or a Kia.

When the victim checked the envelop “Cheick” gave him for payment of the goods he discovered it was full of blank pieces of paper.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Everyone should know better..

  • Lookin like 2014’s crop in the stock pick.

  • Seems like both parties have “dirty hands” so the cops can’t do anything about it…..right?

  • Wasn’t a woman robbed at Benbow by two similar guys two weeks ago?

  • Oh good grief. Surely this is the risk you take when you’re growing weed and selling it . Cry me a river you twit.

  • I don't understand.

    Even people you know can turn when there’s pot and money involved. Don’t ever do anything alone . DON’T SELL POT ALONE…

  • veterans friend

    If you are “dealing” with strangers, you are risking this every time.

  • Wonder how many ‘bags of goods’ this dude got burned for?

  •’s all “medicine” for “sick people”. Everybody stop laughing at this “victim”!

  • I’m just wondering how to pronounce “Cheick”.

    • I’ve been trying out different versions.



      Che Ick





      I’m not satisfied with any of them.

      • Avon Barksdale

        I was thinking shake myself

      • When I try to figure it out I just keep thinking of Jay Rock from the show “Trailer Park Boys”. If you’re not familiar with the show J.R. is a white wanna be rapper who thinks he talks like a black rapper, but he doesn’t. If he was talking about a check, he would probably say cheeock or something like that.

  • GrammarLivesMatter

    To envelop is to surround something completely. But an envelope is a piece of paper.

  • First world problems.

    I just don’t understand how the sheriff would care about a pot deal gone bad? Isnt that illegal? Ahh, the ever moist gray area. Pretty sad and silly tho for someone to call the cops when they got ripped off doing an illegal transaction. Maybe find another biz.. As someone said, it comes with the whole illegal territorym. Shoot, even with the wonderful regulations this action would still be illegal so how does this guy call the cops and why should or do they care when people are shooting dirty hard drugs in every public bathroom between here and Scotia?

    • Maybe because robbing someone at gunpoint, even if it’s pot, is a violent, life threatening crime committed by a criminal who should be considered a threat to the community. And protecting the community is one of a cops many obligations.

      • First world problems.

        Yea, dumboldt, now I get it. Wait, but that same person you’re defending, could even be you, brought those people around. My people don’t bring guns…legalize it

        • You definitely don’t get what I was saying. First of all I wasn’t defending anyone, especially not the guy this happened to or the thieves. As far as me being the same person that brought those people around…….well I’ll just say I have no idea what you mean by that. I also don’t know what you mean by “your people” or why you feel the need to tell me you don’t bring guns.

          All I was doing was answering your question.

  • Legalizing it won’t stop criminals from coming up here to steal the money made. Do you really think the people ripping this dimwit off cared if it was legal 215 or not? If anything it will cause more criminals to come here to try and take they’re share of the money. Just look how many people have came to this area to grow huge crops, and how much the violent and petty crime has gone up sense the passage of 215.

    • First world problems.

      Yea but I’m saying it’s lame yo take the risks and then cry mommy. Not all people involved with weed are kind. Kind folk don’t bring this kind of mess around. Oh, and not every dead head is kind either.

    • I agree completely. Legalizing won’t do anything to stop or even lessen the crime involved around marijuana. Only thing legalization is gonna do is make weed even more abundant then it already is, and not right away but I believe that not long after legalization occurs, the price is gonna plummet. People will then be either forced to grow 100’s of pounds to make an O.k. amount of profit or simply be forced out of the industry because they are not able to / don’t want to grow the large amounts that I believe it will take to even be worth doing. I’m pretty sure when legalization occurs, by the next year there’s gonna be a LOT less ‘help wanted’ signs hanging from the windows of businesses around southern humboldt.

      • First world problems.

        Yep. Thanks everyone who passed the silly regulations written by non small time farmers or kind people. (Sometimes my sarcasm is lost on folks) it’ll do to pot what we’ve done to every other crop, subsidies large scale production where you gotta grow area just to make your loan payments and land payments, unless of course you paid if your land with pot money.. Times are changing and the wrong people are being the voice of a plant whose voice would make any of us shudder,

  • Overtly blatant racism, and anti-cannabis sentiments aside… Sounds like rookie-ass, bush-league mistakes made by someone who is old enough to know better but hasn’t been here that long, OR someone that has been up for a few too many nights in a row and got caught slippin’. Either way, tighten up your game homeboy, you just got made a fool of. Then to top it off, you hit up the 5-0 for the phone-a-friend? All bad…

    Here’s what you do: First thing, pay back whomevers green you just got peeled, because we both know it wasn’t yours. Second, nothing good ever happens after midnight. Period. Third thing, take a nap, eat a sandwich, and put on a nice button-down shirt with a tie, then go find yourself another job. This one isn’t for you…

    /mic drop

  • Everyone should know better

  • Don’t bring these strangers up here!
    Especially if you’re not smart enough to carry out such a transaction. If you must do your dealings. Go to them.
    We already have enough problems.

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