Fire North of the Bayshore Mall Near Vigo Street Last Night

The smell of rubber burning wafting over Eureka last night came from a fire burning north of the Bayshore Mall. Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department attributes the fire to transients.

Below is his tweet which includes a photo of the flames.



  • The marsh people showing their anger!!

  • We know it was the homeless how?

    • Because in the story yesterday he said he was burning.all his belongings.thats why my comment,we good.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Mama P It was in the FORMER homeless camp. People were still there trying to get in thinking they could sneak in and not be seen. I could see the fire from near the mall and the lovely smell of burning plastic and god knows what else wafted over the SW part of town for a while.

  • Take a bath and get a job you smelly bum!

    Well considering the city removed 44 TONS of trash with a lot of drug needles in it yesterday, it does not surprise me. I had a few encounters INSIDE the Bayshore Mall with homeless panhandling and getting nasty because I will never ever give them money so they can go buy booze and drugs. They can kiss my white a$$ and get a job. I give my money to real charities, like the kitchen that feeds the homeless or local animal shelters.

  • Houseless Not Transient

    Why does everyone use the terms “homeless” and “transient” as if they are the same and interchangeable? I lost my home I owned in this community years ago and my fixed income is not enough to afford rent anywhere in my own community. I am “homeless”. I am not “transient” which implies I am a traveler and just moving through. My children and grandchildren were all born here. This is my home, my community. I am homeless in my own community. Were I somewhere else, I would also be “transient, a traveler, since other places are not my home.

  • Coming soon! To a neighborhood near you!

  • To house – less :I understand what your saying and I’m so sorry.we are on a fixed nothing,my husband works everyday just to keep us afloat and we still are behind but keep pushing everyday.we could give up,but not as long as we’re breathing and heart beating.we give up alot of things to make sure our house payment is made!!!I hope things get better for you and all the house-less,it could happen to anyone.

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