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Change happened here at the Redheaded Blackbelt over the weekend!

A few of you have already noticed rumblings behind the scenes late last week. Our website guru, Bobbi Wisby, has helped us implement something new—We are going to provide hyperlocal news in addition to our normal widespread coverage.

Now, we know that hyperlocal sound like sped up but, actually, it’s a slowed down, home-spun version of the news. We’re going to have a page dedicated to the news each community cares about–the fundraisers, the city government issues, events that are close to home, and, of course, photos right from your area.Untitled

For now, we’re going to start with SoHum and Fortuna but, eventually, we plan to add more communities.

How do you find this additional information? Look up at the top of this page. There in the header is a series of clickable links. The one to the right is called “Our Neighborhoods.” Click that link and you get a dropdown menu. Capture

Click one of the options and you’ll be taken to a page that has the most recent news for that “neighborhood.”


Sandi Petersen

Now, let me introduce you to Sandi Petersen. That’s her to your left. Say hi, to that beautiful smile! She runs a highly successful Facebook-based community website, Eel Valley Crime Stoppers. She is joining us to cover the Fortuna “neighborhood.” She knows the folks who live in the Friendly City and has a sense of what is important to them.

Now, of course, that doesn’t mean that Fortuna’s news will disappear from our main page. Sandi and I will work together to make sure you get the news you need. But, information about city council meetings, fundraisers, events, etc. that the rest of the Emerald Counties aren’t as interested in will have their own home page.

Bob Kroeker (1 of 1)

Bob Kroeker

And, since I’m finally getting around to introducing the people who put together the news, the guy on the right is Bobby Kroeker. He’s been working for me since last fall and helping out before that.

Bobby is a wayward Canadian who has been living in the area for many years. Chances are if we have story that comes from the scanner, Bobby’s the one who heard it first. And, he’s often out and about in Eureka picking up stories and taking photos for us.

He and his lady, Nena, are artists. Check out their work here.

Click on those new pages (even if you aren’t from SoHum or Fortuna) and let us know what you think, please.



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