Evening Strolls With Friends


A beautiful Fortuna sunset captured on an evening walk.  [Photo Credit:  Sandi Petersen]

Do you enjoy walking and fellowship with new friends?  Please consider joining our Night Walkers Walking group, in Fortuna.  We meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  This is a drop-in group, where you can meet new friends, neighbors, and walk during a time when you might otherwise not feel comfortable doing so alone. I have them scheduled three days a week so hopefully more people can participate on different days.

I’ve created a route for each of the days. It’s my hope we can start sharing some ideas for different walks and hit all parts of town. Here are the routes for the month of May:

TUESDAYS: South School Parking lot. Newburg Rd -> Summer St -> Weaving up and down all Lawndale Streets -> Springville Ave -> Redwood Way -> Rohnerville Rd -> Newburg Rd. This route is approximately 3.38 miles and is primarily flat.

THURSDAYS: Park next to Toddy Thomas School playground. Wood St -> School St -> Kenmar Rd -> Rohnerville Rd -> School St -> Wood St. This route is approximately 2.88 miles and is primarily flat.

SUNDAYS: Rohner Park Parking Lot. Park Street -> Main St -> 3rd St (C. Crane parking lot) -> Main St -> 8th St -> L St -> 9th St -> I St -> 12th St -> Main St -> Park St. This route is approximately 2.76 miles and is primarily flat.

Please wear bright or reflective clothing and bring a flashlight if you feel the need, as not all parts of Fortuna are well lit. Walkers can travel at their own pace and friendly leashed dogs are welcome. Walks will be cancelled on rainy or in climate days.

On Thursday, May 5th, we will be meeting for a special walk in Ferndale, at 6 PM.  Please message the Eel Valley Crime Stoppers Group for more information.

Scotia Neighborhood Watch also has a walking group. They meet Saturdays at 5 PM at the trains.  Please see their Facebook page for further details.


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