White Van Flies Off Road by Miranda Exit


A white van headed north on Hwy 101 about 10:20 this morning flew off the freeway and went down the embankment, missing parked cars by a few feet, crossed the frontage road and came to a stop near the northbound onramp, said Donna Bowman a resident who watched the whole thing.

No one was injured, she said.



  • looks like a nice groovy little hippie van…

  • Hope everyone is ok . Pay attention and use your hands free . I followed a matte black dodge today that was texting . He crossed the double yellow four times and jerked back in to his lane . It’s not worth it .

  • I drove past this while LEO was writing up the report. These folks are so lucky! 5 feet further and they would have been going off road from the bridge and going airborne. A few feet earlier, they would have rolled. Their angels have some tired wings.

  • That’s no “Mystery Machine”.

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