Eel River Valley Citizens One Step Closer to Better Healthcare


A diagram of the Fortuna Community Health Center. [Photo Credit: Open Door Communications Website]

In a recent press release, representatives from the Open Door Community Health Centers reported receiving a grant commitment from the Orvamae Emmerson Endowment Fund (a fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation) in the amount of $300,000.  This grant will be used to help build the new Fortuna Community Health Center.

The new Open Door is scheduled to be open and in operation, December of 2017.  It will be located off of Rohnerville Road near the area of Redwood Memorial Hospital. The new health center will help provide much needed medical access to Eel River Valley residents and will hopefully also attract and recruit new medical providers.  This is an important area which has been sorely lacking for the past few years.

Per the press release, Herrmann Spetzler, CEO of Open Door Community Health Centers, said  “I am excited to have the opportunity to build a new center in the Eel River Valley where access to care is limited because of the loss of many doctors that have moved or retired from the area in the last few years. We thank the Orvamae Emmerson Endowment Fund for this significant contribution to bringing a new state of the art health center to the Eel River Valley.”

The Open Door still needs your help in reaching their goal of raising an additional $3 million dollars in funds.  A total of $12 million dollars is needed for this project to be completed and a good portion of that has already been raised through federal loans and foundation grants.

To donate to the new Fortuna center or schedule a tour of the Eureka Open Door Community Health Center, please call 707-725-1722 or visit for more information.



  • I was in high school when Open Door opened their first clinic in Arcata!!!

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  • Hopefully they’ll be more attentive to elderly and handicapped at this facility than at the one in Eureka where they make you walk (roll or hobble) past the entire building from the parking lot because they were too hung up on the “driveway porte cochere overhang” architect’s view of entrance, and not realizing that the patients have to park a football field away and struggle – uphill – to the entry. At the very least how about a close-to-the-parking-lot handicapped door? Or get sensible and put a real entrance by the parking not just the drop off driveway. We don’t have taxis up here to accommodate – we have elderly, handicapped and sick people who don’t need to be out in the rain for 2 blocks because somebody in Los Angeles thought this was cute.

    Notice in the photo it’s “drop off only” in front of the door. (large version×678.jpg)

    And some less dismal colors, please – the place in Eureka is just depressing.

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