[UPDATE 5/2] Broken Waterline Drains Miranda’s Storage


Miranda Community Services District Map [Image from here]

Miranda residents need to conserve water, said Brian Reamey of Reamey Plumbing. A water line broke yesterday and a significant amount of water was lost.  Reamey wrote,

ATTN to all who have Miranda’s water service!!

Due to a broken water line and the method in which it had to be repaired Miranda’s water storage has been drained down significantly. Please for the near future reduce water usage so that we may build back up our Reserve. Thank you for your patience.

Mark Carey, operator in training with Miranda Community Service District reports that the problem has been fixed and “the tanks are back to full.”

He did say though, “We would still like people to conserve water just because of the drought.”



  • Lucky this didn’t happen in July. Good luck with the fix.

  • Does anyone know how to go about getting a government grant for replacing the water pipes in Miranda? The pipes are really old, they pop, bust, and break throughout the year. This situation is not going to get better; but it will get worse!
    We live in an area that has NO snow pack for backup water storage. It’s all rain fed aquifers. When we are out…we are completely out.

  • We are ably to refill the tanks very quickly.If there had been a need to worry we would have notified our rate payers.In no way is Reamey a representative or connected to the service district board.

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