Man Arrested for Shooting Car of Suspected Burglars

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:


Kyle Field

On 04-27-2016 at approximately 4:00 AM, Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to an interrupted burglary in the 24000 block of Barnes Lane in Covelo, California.

While en-route to the call Deputies were advised of the discharging of a firearm.

Upon arrival the Deputies found the reporting party, Kyle Danforth Field, had detained Brett Charles Hoaglen and a female passenger at gunpoint in the driveway of his residence.

Field’s property had been burglarized earlier in the night and an eyewitness had provided a detailed description of the suspect vehicle.  When the suspect vehicle returned a short time later, the eyewitness called Field.


Brett Charles Hoaglen

Field arrived in time to detain Hoaglen and the female passenger as they sat inside the car in the driveway.  When they attempted to drive away, Field discharged a handgun one time into the vehicle’s hood and two times into the vehicle’s tires to prevent their escape.

Hoaglen was arrested for a probation violation and on a Mendocino County misdemeanor arrest warrant (Driving on suspended license).

Field was arrested for reckless discharge of a firearm and violating the “possess no dangerous weapons” clause of his current probation terms.

Both were transported to the Mendocino County Jail where Field was to be held in lieu of $90,000.00 bail and Hoaglen was to be held on a No Bail status.

The alleged burglary is still under investigation by Deputies.



  • I don’t think it will be a good idea to put them in the same cell. It would be a fun thing to watch though!

  • Two words: Jury Nullification.

    • Agreed. The “reckless discharge of a firearm” should be nullified if formal charges are pressed. Probation violation is a different matter.

  • Crime pays, common sense has left Society and the law.

  • I have grown up with kyle feild and this man would not do anything to hurt anyone unless it was in harm of his kids or girlfriend so anyone to pass judgment this man is a hard working man who provides for everything he has my hear goes to all of his family love you Ky Ky I would have done the same shit if I was put 8n that situation

    • Hmmm posses no dangerous weapons, must have done something not on the up and up. That being said good for him stopping them.

      • He was close enough to shoot the perps if he wanted. There is no police in covelo where this happened if Kyle didn’t want to lose all he had paid for by burglers, what else would he have done thanked them for robbing him saying I didn’t need that stuff any ways go ahead robbers take what u need. No so he shot the car held em at gun point for an hour waiting for police.

    • Carolea Goodwin

      Only in Mendo…start out the victim end up the inmate. Come on vacation, leave on probation.
      I wish this young man all good luck with this. For christs sake im sure if he intended to put a hole in one of the burglers, he would have. A little warning shot, big deal. Good for you Kyle.

    • Wow it is BS that he wasn’t legally allowed to defend himself. Start a go-fund-me for his bail. I’d donate… Cali is so dumb for the fact that it’s laws protect burglars. We need a “make my day” law! If you trespass in those states, you can get shot legally!

  • This man was just protecting his property, why was he arrested?, Oh, he was on probation, So people on probation can not protect themselves ? The Cops were wrong on this.
    What happened to common sense in law enforcement ?
    They need to change the law.
    Reckless Discharge of a Firearm ? I would not call protecting your self as ” Reckless ”
    He was stopping a crime. I smell a liberal in the wood pile.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Read the press release. His probation terms allegedly forbade the possession of a firearm. No exceptions. Of course you smell a liberal in the woodpile because you simply disregard facts that contradict your baseline mindset. No wonder the country’s going to hell.

      • You have obviously “simply disregard facts that contradict your baseline mindset”!… because you apparently didn’t think about all the info that was actually left out of the report! I am aware of the complete circumstances and I know both individuals (and their lifestyles) …and because kyle had access to a firearm for his protection is not wrong. These people knew what they were doing when they targeted a young, honest, working man with a working partner and two daughters.

    • This liberal’s on his side. I hope I’d do the same.

  • “Bubba hollered out wreckless hell I hit just where I was aiming” bubba shot the ripoffs last night. Seriously though wtf defending his home and family and gets arrested bs

  • Well acually they charged me with Felony discharge of a firearm into occupied vehicle. $100000 bail. For defending my home . Burgulary has been an ongoing problem here in Covelo and nothing seems to be being done about it. I had to prove my point and show these tweaker thugs that I’m not going to lay down and let them walk all over me. I’ll be in court with a lawyer and several character letters from upstanding business owners and tribal council members around town which I know personally. Anyways thank-you Kym kemp for letting the public know the true story .

    • I hope it all works out for you man, f those guys, if everyone did what you did there would be less crime,

    • I’m with you Kyle ! Fuck those tweaked piece of shits ! This is why everyone should have the right to bear arms . God gives you the right to protect your home and family not the courts or the cops or the government . If this was a cop that had fired it would have been considered self defense . Do what you have to to survive .

    • Stand up for what is ours! Good job I would have done the same thing only there would be no story…

    • Good luck Kyle, I hope common sense prevails and you are successful in proving your justifiable response versus these real criminals.

    • Best of luck to you hope the charges are dropped

  • I support Field

    Look at the bail… unreal. 90,000 for the man taking a stand to the real criminals but the criminals have no bail. Wtf! So wrong. I understand the cops need evidence but 90,000 is more than I’ve seen lately for any criminal.

  • There will be more and more of this, unless the system changes. Too bad the victim got arrested.

  • If the info in thee story ends up being correct the DA will not get a conviction. If this guy needs a lawyer Make a call to the NRA and they will find one and help pay for the costs. What a bunch of bs The cops shoot a mentally ill woman and no charges. This guy shoots a thief and he gets charged. How ironic is this bs

    • The NRA is useless when it comes to defending against criminal charges. They are spineless opportunists who will drop their own like hot coals if there is trouble. I have been really disappointed by the NRA.

  • veterans friend

    He should get a medal

  • I would have done t he same thing . cops suck .

    • Please if someone is breaking in your house make sure you don’t call the police. In fact you should never call them. They just follow the law fn grow up and figure that out.

      • Covelo where this happened , it takes an hour or more for police to respond if they aren’t too busy. He did the right thing u don’t know the situation .

  • it’s going to be a rough summer with people stealing.I keep my eyes on people that lookes tweakerish…real men don’t steal.

  • you can tell he’s a fake 2 dollar gangster.with his 2 dollar tattoo.trying to jack a hard working white boy.sad thing is that gangster probably has children out there .

  • If you’re not armed in Covelo thugs will take what they want, they assault elders and children constantly but you’re not allowed to protect you’re property and the things you worked hard for? That’s such bulls**t! Our justice system needs an overhaul. Kyle I support you 100%.

  • About time these people go around doing what ever they want think there tough steel shit and nobody ever does a damb thing he should get a good Samaritan reward not arrested.kyles never done anyone wrong really nice guy what else you gonna do when you call the serriffs and they tell you nobody can be there till tomarrow sorry .that a boy f#ck those guys lucky they didn’t get one in the head only in there hood

  • what the hell??? reckless discharge of a firearm? bullsh*t! not a thing reckless about it, he showed great restraint for not shooting them both!

  • If you own the property and they invaded your castle you’ll be found innocent. Indeed with the god given rights to protect you and yours.

    This isnt mexico right? We stand and fight…

  • This is a example of living in a Liberal society with its consequences.
    The only way to get this country back to what’s right is by beating Hillary and reversing liberal policies. We need a president with balls in this Country. Someone with real huge balls. Stop the meth at the boarder, bring the jobs back, make America great again, solve the problem.
    Americans First!

    • Trump will win . I can’t wait ! Make America great again !!

      • We have bigger problems than dudes wanting to use the ladies room. Obama has us 20 trillion $ in debt, illegal aliens pouring over our boarders, ridiculous Goverment oversite and taxes killing job growth, sickening waste, fraud and spending, negotiating horrible deals abroad.
        Get rid of the losers and put a real winner up there!

        • I really wish you were both joking. If you actually knew about Trump you would not being saying this. He isn’t going to help people like you. And the guy doesn’t have big balls theres plenty of evidence of failure that surrounds him. In fact he has worked up more debt than most businessman in his position. You both need to wake up and realize how nasty, vulgure and moronic trump is. If you think that style and the way he goes about things gonna fix our country your dead wrong. Oh yea and Lisa do you even realize how much of a sexist pig trump is. Do you really stand behind a person who has said such horrible things against females. What are you thinking??

          Oh that’s right trump voters don’t think, obviously. And then the amount of racist trump voters that go to his rally’s. Horrible disgusting racist pigs. That punch and elbow people of color that are just walking by and standing up for they’re vote. If you ask me any trump voter meets that profile in a certain way. And there’s a special place in hell for racist people, so have fun trying to build walls and segregate people, you trump fans are truly going backwards, is that really fulfilling?

          • It’s time, to address a few of your points, I’d first like to point out that your statement is riddled with hate and judgment.
            That’s been a typical double standard from the left and their followers.
            We know “about Trump” unlike yourself, we do not get our information from negative ad campaines, liberal social media or leftist news.
            We watch and listen to his speeches and interviews – live – before the media has a chance to manipulate and create flat out lies.
            We’ve read his books, published articles and understand his policy positions through du-diligence and perspective.
            Sounds like you get your information from Facebook headlines.. The same people lobbing for Hillary and the expansion of the H-1B foreign work visa to cut expenses and increase profitability within the Tech industry. Taking away thousands of jobs. Jobs that American students out of college should occupy.
            Billionairs sometimes fail in business, most all have. The difference between you and them is they don’t give up after failing. They learn from their mistakes and keep going. 1% of the population is capable of reaching that success and for good reason. That’s why they’re the 1%. That’s the type of leadership this failing Country needs right now. Not the losers we keep re-electing.
            Look at Obama, we voted him into office because he was black and we wanted to be part of history. That was it. Nothing more. Massive mistake.
            We’re in big trouble and it has nothing to do with political correctness. This is about OUR lively hoods and the future of the United States.
            You are so misinformed it’s really quite sad, sounding like every other dishonest news headline pushed down our throats. News outfits that are all owned by foreign investors who are feeling challenged by Trumps policies.
            I have a feeling you understand very little about what you are so intolerant of.
            Allowing people into our county through a legal process is not segregation it’s called democracy.
            Something you socialist know nothing about.
            There are real economic and global issues going on and you’re worried about words that hurt your feelings.
            Trump will win and he will Make America Great Again.

            • No points made whatsoever. Your outlook is what’s wrong with America. If you’ve read his books and published articles and agree, your unfit for any position with power because you’ll act like a nazi. Which by the way he barely has anything to do with his books or articles he only pays writers and puts his name on it. Which as a writer myself is more than a smack to the face. Trump is nothing but an actor and your being fooled into his neo nazi ways. Don’t believe his nazi ways? See how he studied hitlers speeches and communist ways all through college. He also kept a majority of hitler speeches by his bedside. And my comment has hatred toward racism. Are you asking if I hate racist people. Well the answer is yes. Oh yea and if you watch his speeches before the media gets to it, how are you not disgusted with his ways. And if you knew anything you would know that trump pays major media. You probably watch Fox News, just based off how pathetic your points are. And what about in Dubai right now as we speak trump has a multi million dollar golf course/ subdivision which is being looked into because they have slaves that work for them, 20 people to a shack no food no pay, and they can’t go back home because they will owe more debt than they could ever make getting paid 2 dollars a day. You really want a president like that? And trump is not a billionaire he has said himself , and this is a quote “I’ll change my net worth depending on the mood I’m in” they have proved that he’s worth 300 million. And what is this? Since when in the history of the USA have we seen big money ever make good changes, Never. Am I the misinformed one or are you? Spouting nonsense trying to make a horrible person out to be a good guy. I can’t say it enough your type is what’s wrong with our country. Do you realize he stays up through the night getting in tweet fights with random people like a teenage girl, that is as immature as it gets, over ridiculous stuff, and he’ll always say something disgusting. Oh and here’s some things he said about woman, in his book he says ” woman hate prenups because they are all gold diggers” and this a tweet he deleted but was saved before he tried hiding it, ” if Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband how will she satisfy our country” another quote, if Ivanka weren’t my daughter I would be dating her. What a creep! Also, he said ” “I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.” Um trump, “woman aren’t possessions. I could go on and on and on about the horrible things trump says on a daily basis. You Lisa are a disgrace to strong independent woman who weren’t brainwashed into liking cruel, sexist, racist men like him. He is an embarrassment. And do you know how many country’s don’t like trumps views on politics, most of them, now with your big brain you got, what would that mean for us if religious leaders don’t agree with our president. Come on now it’s easy as 1 plus 1, a trump voter might be able to solve that. And to end it, you seem to think I’m so “misinformed” does a degree in political science from one of the most refutable colleges mean anything to you? Cause I got one. Oh yea it doesn’t because your a trump supporter and trump wants to cut schooling funds. So more and more people will be as ignorant as you. Hey they say it’s bliss, is it Lisa?

              If you have anything else to say, it’s out of anger because you know I’m right. Good luck on getting smart!

              • That was a really cute story. How’s la-la land working out for ya?
                This country is full of over educated idiots with political science degrees (case in point).. Means absolutely nothing.
                You’re a self proclaimed author as well?? Wow, better proofread your work more often bud.
                It’s obvious you Lack the ability to understand the complexity of global and domestic economics and how those issues are far more important than scary words that hurt your feelings.
                We need a tough leader, a negotiator, someone who knows how to make the right deal and some one that understands global economics. A leader who isn’t afraid to hurt someone’s feelings.
                There’s a fucking country to run here.
                This isn’t a game bud, we have to start winning again.
                Trump voters are the majority, they love America.
                I’m sure you could find happiness in Canada if you’d like.
                Good luck with your writing career.

                • For one I don’t care about my punctuation or grammar in a comment that destroyed your horrible views. Two, my writing isn’t work its a hobby, and I typed that in 5 minutes on my phone. And 3, you say “this isn’t a game bud, we have to start winning again.” Oxy moron??, that moronic statement is something I swear trump said. All I’m doing is stating facts. You just prove my point the more you spew your horrible outlook.
                  Just give up. 🙂

  • Field was not being threaten. Hoaglen was sitting in a vehicle.
    He was not protecting property. Hoaglen was sitting in a vehicle.

    Was his home burglarized? Did Field make a sheriff’s report? He was only told someone with this vehicle rip him off. Where is this witness now?

    Field could have blocked Hoaglen with his own vehicle.

    Field violated probation by having a weapon. He is not licensed to have one. The person who has a gun license should have been the one shooting it.

    I don’t know these people. I don’t know how I would respond. Just the facts. Hopefully a search warrant has been issued to Hoaglen’s residence. Hopefully Field has a clean piss test.

    • I agree. First off though: right on Kyle, if you want to sit somebody’s tires out and detain then that’s ok with me. Pretty cool actually. BUT….yeah that does seem reckless and illegal kind of. I mean it doesn’t seem like he was in danger and protecting himself or property. He was keeping them from getting away. It’s a difficult situation. Being a gun owner I had to make the decision long ago on when to shoot and when not to. I have to be in genuine fear of my life. Otherwise it just isn’t worth it. But I’m not hating on him or his decision, I hope the case gets dropped.

    • Trying to backup and leave in a vehicle is threatening, after you just committed a crime, ask any cop. There is no such thing as a ” gun license” except for concealed weapons permit, you dont need those on private property. The only idsue with the gun was him being on probation. He did what was right, you should be ashamed you support the tweaker thieves in this…

  • Tired of thieves. This guy shouldn’t have been arrested, he should’ve been paid a days wages. Tired of thieves and “the law’ allowing these rats. I don’t think he did anything wrong. All rats need to know they are risking their life.

  • There’s nothing in here that says anything was stolen or that anything was recovered. So why is everybody calling them thieves?

    • The Mendocio Sheriff’s Office said in the press release, “Field’s property had been burglarized earlier in the night.”

      • It also says eye witnesses that saw the car, saw the car return and they called Kyle Field to notify him they were back.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Trump is as close to adolf hitler as anything weve seen yet.You people lookin for a savior , best wake the hell up fools ,or osama bin ladens plan is gunna catch fire. WWWIII…….. send $ for Kyles bail…. just let us know where..LORD HAVE MERCY

  • Good Job Kyle. In Covelo, we either protect ourselves and our property like Kyle did, or we end up with nothing and possibly hurt or dead ourselves. IF the law doesn’t want the citizens of Round Valley to protect themselves, then they should be doing it for us.

    I hope Kyle goes Free.

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