[UPDATE 1:45 p.m.] Dogs in the Road (Do They Belong to Someone You Know?)


These two handsome pit bulls are running in the road in Redway. Be extra alert on the Briceland Thorn Road near Pine. If you know who they belong to, please let them know to hurry. It’s dangerous there for the dogs.


UPDATE 1:45 p.m.: They are running up Par towards the body shop as of 1:40 p.m.



  • Ah, Spring! Let the unlicensed, unfixed, unattended carnage begin… af

  • veterans friend

    Bring your cats, dogs & children indoors. Nobdy needs a tragedy

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Yep, i recognize these two cute little[ HANDSOME?] killers. Thats ole Target and Bullseye. BOOKUM DANNO!

  • Not all pots are aggressive, would you feel the need to hide your children of it were a border collie, or a Labrador? Assumptions… These dogs look pretty friendly to me. Hope they made it home safe. Still searching for my three..

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