April’s Burglary Stats Released by Eureka Police

The Eureka Police Department released the following information via Facebook this morning:

Residential burglary stats for the month of April. Here’s what we know.
– 14 reports taken this month. 13 is the monthly average. We’ve had months with 3 and months with 35.
– 4 occurred on a Saturday.
– 7 occurred during daylight hours.
– 3 occurred while the resident was away for a weekend or longer.
– 2 occurred while the resident was in the moving process.
– 8 reported entry was made through a side or rear window.
– 5 forced entry with rock or other tool.
– 3 window was unlocked or open.
– 4 reported entry was made through a door.
– 1 side sliding door.
– 1 rear door.
– 2 front door.
– 2 reported entry was made only to garage.
– 3 occurred while a resident was home.
– 2 suspect fled when resident made it known they were home.
– 0 reported having a burglar alarm installed or activated.
– Suspect descriptions have been 1-2 white male adult(s), thin build, with a bicycle.

Check out these burglary prevention tips to keep your home safe.

The map shows the locations of the burglary reports. A through N represents the order that they were reported.943758_1293085737369744_7132425221340320737_n



  • Wow the circle is almost complete!it’s so sad it’s led to this,it doesn’t seem possible our town went from a seaport,little haven to “Eureka we’ve found it,only to steal it.our family has been hit 3 times.does that figure into the average,statistics?hummm

  • I stay away from pukreaka. I go there only when I have too.

  • – Suspect descriptions have been 1-2 white male adult(s), thin build, with a bicycle.


  • Maybe I’m off-base, but 13 or 14 incidents in a city of 28000 doesn’t sound that alarming. .6% chance of being burgled? In a year? Talk to me.

  • Well, we were also burgled last week. We reported it, but it appears our report didn’t make it into the stats-no blip on our address. Let me just say it was the saddest 4/20 ever =(

  • Notice its all walking distance to palco marsh

  • The constant comments about “our little seaport went to shit” are HILARIOUS because you’re clearly an oblivious and ignorant recent transplant. Crime in Eureka is probably lower in 2016 than it has been in most of its history! These burglaries are junkies – you know, those people living in the marsh that you don’t want to get rid of for some reason. They’d be in jail, but the jail’s full and doesn’t keep junkies and petty burglars. Also, some of them are cousins of sheriff’s and shit, so they get treated nice. And most of them are on the west side, where you’d expect, plus a couple lazy tweekers who walked up I/J st apparently. O st is obviously one person trying to hit a few nicer houses back-to-back.

    Crime is a result of a bad economy – this is the USA in 2016. Improve the economy and crime will drop because people will have money. The heroin problem that ravages most of the country thanks to prescription-profiteering by big business/corporate politicians is driven by human misery – lack of jobs, opportunities, and promise in life. Fix that, fix the problem.

    Meanwhile, quit sitting on your fat lazy ass bitching about how “things have changed.” They have, about 20 years ago, and things improved.

    And finally – how many of these “Burglaries” are people stealing pot grows? I bet a whole lot.

    • Wow you have it all figured out and know all the answers. Your opinion is duly noted. But it doesn’t make it factual in any sense of the word. Thanks for sharing though

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