Spikes Stop Myers Flat Man as He Fled With Money and Marijuana, Says Trinity County Sheriff

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guiltyCHASE:

On April 27, 2016 at approximately 3:40pm a U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer and a Trinity County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to stop a BMW sedan on State Route 36 near Bramlet Road south of Hayfork, CA. The BMW failed to stop for the Officers and the Officers pursued the BMW eastbound on SR 36 at high rates of speed.

The BMW drove reckless passing a Cal Trans plow truck and several other vehicles on the wrong side of the road. The pursuit continued through Wildwood and into Shasta County and into the town of Platina. The BMW continued to evade the Officers and turned onto Platina Road towards Redding, CA.

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Deputy took over the pursuit on Platina Road and the California Highway Patrol helicopter arrived on scene and monitored the pursuit from the air. CHP ground units set up spike strips at the North Fork Cottonwood Creek bridge just outside the town of Ono. Once the driver of the BMW saw the spike strips the driver stopped the vehicle and was taken into custody without incident.

Officers located processed marijuana and a large amount of US currency was also found in the vehicle. The driver was identified as Dennis Chase, Jr. from Myers Flat, CA. Chase has a lengthy criminal history in California and has several prior drug and evading a peace officer convictions with prison time served. Dennis Chase, Jr. was arrested and transported to the Trinity County Jail and was being held on $50,000.00 bail. Chase bailed out of the Trinity County Jail on April 28, 2016.

Agency’s involved:
Trinity County Sheriff’s Office
United States Forest Service Law Enforcement
California Highway Patrol



  • Why was bail so low?

  • Revolving door he’s already out and commiting morecrimes and driving a new car .

  • I like that his last name is chase.

  • What a DUMB ASS trying to haul weed thru Trinity County on hwy 36

  • This is sad, this guy isn’t doing anything wrong just sounds like another weed person working the black market. If weed was legal this guy would be just another hard working rancher yet this crooked system makes this guy into a criminal when he didn’t even hurt anyone just didn’t want to go to jail again. I say let him go and end the war on drugs!

    • Rancher?? Are you kidding. Yes, there are outstanding outlaws that are a part of the “weed industry.” Industrious, hardworking homesteaders.. But I doubt this guy is one. The other side of outlaw is a buncha criminals that are just lazy. There is a disparity amongst those who grow weed. The kindfolk will continue on in there way which circumvents a broken system. No matter what is legal or not.

  • He races that Beamer every where he goes. Suprized he lasted this long.

  • He should have tossed the items when he turned off 36 onto Platina road. Hmmm second thought it’s time for a drive…..

  • I seen this dude knock the crap out of two huge bouncers one night at the playroom, he was pretty young but he flattened tommys nose and knocked Jessie to the floor after they pepper sprayed him, turned around and walked out, cops didn’t show up for ten minutes.
    His day will come

  • Why was the USFS trying to make a traffic stop in the first place? What part of the CFR did he violate? I know it says TCSO as well, but I doubt they were part of the original traffic stop.

    • drive out Hwy 36 to Trinity County and you can ask them when they pull you over.

      • If I get pulled over I would ask if the reason is not immediately offered. The report given for this incident lacks that critical piece of information. I assume because the attempted traffic stop was without cause. It was profiling. Correctly in this case, but the USFS LEO’S are impeding the Peoples’ freedom of travel without due cause. This is the creep of tyranny.

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