[UPDATE 4:37 p.m.] Breaking News: Wild Chase Through the Streets of Eureka


A female suspect raises her hands in surrender but another suspect fled leading officers on crazy chase through the streets of Eureka today.

After an attempted burglary this afternoon, one female suspect was arrested and another suspect tried to elude pursuit around 3 p.m. A wild car chase turned into a foot pursuit in the area of Sequoia Park. The second suspect was detained on Q Street near Glatt just before 3:30 p.m.

We have requested more information from the Eureka Police and will update when we can.

UPDATE 4 p.m.: Brittany Powell, spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department tells us that the incident began around 2:40 p.m.. A citizen called in reporting an attempted vehicle burglary. Someone, the caller said, broke a window on a four door sedan near the intersection of Russell and Dolbeer Streets. The suspects fled in a black Chevy Tahoe.

The caller followed the vehicle, updating the dispatcher with the location of the suspects, Powell said. “Our officers made a traffic stop on vehicle near 3000 block of M Street about 2:49 p.m.,” she stated. “One male suspect fled and a female was detained.”

Officers searched the surrounding areas and located a “male running through the green belt of Sequoia Park,” Powell explained. The officers, she said, detained the suspect at 3:21 p.m.

The suspects’ vehicle is being towed which indicates the suspects were arrested.


All photos provided by a reader.

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UPDATE 4:37 p.m.: Brittany Powell tells us that both were arrested. Kimberly Stotler, age 29 was arrested for conspiracy to commit burglary and for a misdemeanor warrant.

Dustin Stotler, age 36, was arrested for burglary. They both were arrested for violation of court ordered restraining order. At this point it appears that Kimberly Stotler had a restraining order against the male suspect. Powell tells me that both were arrested for violating that order.

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  • Instead of calling it The Streets of San Francisco should be called the streets of pukereaka. So much thievery .stilling to get there fix .

  • Is it just me or do those cops look extremely eager to shoot some one?

    • It looks to me they are eager to go home alive tonight.

    • It’s not an easy job . Carrying a gun and being expected to get someone to comply with as little force as possible and it is dangerous and tricky . They don’t know if you are going to pop out and unload in an instant . So ya they are ready to shoot . At the same time they are trying to not hurt the person they are ready to shoot . Hoping everything goes good and there is compliance . Otherwise ….

  • If they are thieves, chances are they are armed. They will kill you or anyone else to supply their addictions.
    Thank God we have people who are willing to put their lives at risk to capture the criminals.
    If we’re lucky, they won’t be back out on the streets in a couple of hours.

  • Nice photos! “A. Reader” 😉

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    “At this point it appears that Kimberly Stotler had a restraining order against the male suspect. Powell tells me that both were arrested for violating that order.”

    A restraining order and they’re out stealing cars with each other? Good lord.

  • This was my car that was robbed. My son and I were enjoying the zoo and my purse (with nothing hardly in it because it took my necessities with me) was stuffed below my son’s carseat partially under a jacket. The broke my window into my son’s carseat! I am so incredibly greatful to this person who called the police and went out of their way for us! I really wish I knew who they were so I could thank them! The police as well! They had these two low lives detained 5 minutes after I was informed the incident had occurred, the female officer went to get my purse back from them while officer Wilson helped me and a zoo official, clean the glass from my car and carseat. Because of all these wonderful people’s swift actions, this ordeal was over with in 20 minutes for my son and I. We can not thank these people enough!

  • Margaret Youravish

    Naturally the guy leaves the girl behind . What a chicken thing to do. I’m happy they were caught. Great job to E.P.D and the witness.

  • This is awsome!!People taking back their town Yessss.Good job Epd.an alert neighbor most awsome

  • Good job Eureka, keep it up. It is going to take some time but with residents like these we can start to see the light. Take back our streets, take back our town, and keep enforcing the laws. No camping, no dumping, no drug selling, etc. Clean out the Devils Playground and PALCO Marsh, cant wait to go on walk from Del Norte to Elk River.

    Thanks to all!!!!

  • Now that they’ve got them, I hope they detain them for a while. Otherwise, they are just back on the streets.

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