The Rainbow Road

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From the hills of Humboldt to the Yolla Bollies…just follow the Rainbow Road. There are so many rainbows this time of year! How many have you seen?

Thank you to Joe Rial for sharing this photograph with us.



  • Found this on Lost Coast Outpost by Singing Fat Lady. Looked up her facts and found she is pretty much spot on. We are riding a runaway planet environment soon to run out of rails. No rescue in sight. Will humans survive? Probably better if they didn’t.

    “Ah……………. the planet will be so thankful when the human race goes extinct. As for myself I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought. And it could happen in my life time. Granted it WILL get ugly in about 50 years, but I can endure. If you are 40 years old or younger you will be a part of living and barely breathing in our dying planet. Every Earth Day from 2016 to 2066 we can celebrate our dying planet. Witnessing over half of all the specifies in the world becoming extinct. Mostly ones we can only barely see, but that are the foundation of the food pyramid. Entire species of fish we consume today will no longer exist. Like tuna, salmon, albacore, sharks, skates, dolphins, whales and the list increases to the bottom of the ocean as rivers pour their puke into the seas. And less we forget some of us will witness billions of people dying in climate disasters. Massive storms, raising seas, destructive earthquakes. The party has just begun. Don’t believe me. Spend an hour looking up my facts on the Internet. Then begin taking Yoga classes so you can become flexible enough to kiss your ass good-bye!”

  • Just wanted to say how much I love rainbow season! Then I accidently read the most negative comment about a rainbow story ever and I can’t stop feeling bad for who ever wrote that. Not everything in life is shit buddy, chin up.

    • When rainbows disappear I hope you will “chin up”. Don’t confuse negative facts with reality.

      • I’ve been to hell and back many times in life and I make the choice to be happy or dwell on the negative. I live a very green life and give back to my community and I discuss environmental topics in the right settings. I don’t go on long rants about the end of days over an article about rainbows. So ya, if you wanna be negative keep it away from the rare positive news articles.

        • No pot of gold for you though. Don’t care how green you live or how positive you lived when you start choking from lack of breathable air you will realize there were (yes “were”) not enough numbers of people to change the downward slide into an environmental HELL. Your pot of gold will turn out to be a pot of cocktail poisonous gases.

          • Still praying for you. I would’ve killed myself by now if a story about rainbows made me that upset! Best of luck to you, either shut up or chin up, either works! And they’ve been saying the worlds gonna end for 1,000s of years. If I have no control over it I’m not going to be negative towards people or sit around being sad before it even happens. I’ll save that for if that time even comes on my life. Bye most negative miserable person ever!!!

  • What a lovely photo!!! 2 Thumbs up to Joe Rial for sharing it!!!! As far as the negative comment up above, life is to short!!! You should thank your creator for every day you wake up. Enjoy every moment of it, because tomorrow isnt promised to us!! Just saying– Thank you Kym for posting this beautiful photo with the article

  • Wow their just rainbows!!it’s better than all the negative crap

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