Wounded Man Wanted for Oregon Home Invasion Believed Headed Through California

A BOLO has been issued over the local scanner for a 2016 white Chrysler minivan with the Oregon license plate #647GJG and one of its occupants, Linzin Rooni Eshalom who has several gunshot wounds. Eshalom, a suspect in a home invasion, is believed to be headed to Arizona.

Our local law enforcement have been asked to keep a lookout for Eshalom and the vehicle. Since it is possible the vehicle and its occupants may be headed into our area, we did a little research. Here’s the Oregon State Police press release:

CaptureOn April 19th, 2016, at approximately 10:30PM, OSP Troopers were dispatched to the report of a home invasion robbery at 8051 Holland Loop Road in Cave Junction. The report indicated one occupant of the residence was pistol whipped and shot by the suspect(s). The initial report indicated that there were four suspects who were dressed in black with masks covering their faces.

While OSP Troopers were on scene of the home invasion, Asante Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass reported a unidentified male had been transported and left at Three Rivers Hospital. The report indicated the unidentified male had been shot several times.

Detectives from the Oregon State Police Criminal Division responded to assist. The subsequent investigation has revealed the following information:

The unidentified male who was dropped off at Three Rivers Hospital has been identified as 32 year old, Linzin Rooni ESHALOM. ESHALOM self-discharged himself from the Asante Three Rivers Hospital with the assistance of his mother and sister on April 25th, 2016. They are currently believed to be enroute to Glendale, Arizona in a 2016 white, Chrysler, Town and Country mini-van, bearing Oregon Plate, 647GJG.

The Oregon State Police has probable cause to arrest Linzin Rooni ESHALOM, who resides in Peoria, Arizona, on the following charges:

Attempted Murder
Robbery I
Assault II
Unlawful Use of a Weapon
Burglary I

Additional investigation is being conducted in order to identify the three additional suspects.

More information will be released when it is available as this is ongoing investigation.



  • Sounds like the homeowner got some.

  • Ah, another beautiful story from the legalization of pot. Many more of these to come.

    • No, this is a consequence of the criminalization of pot. Surely you’ve read about how crimes related to liquor as a commodity were much more frequent and violent during prohibition.

      • veterans friend

        Thanks for saying that. Most folks do not seem to understand that but it is absolutely the truth. If cannabis was not a prohibited plant, it would have little monetary value and would not be involved in crime at all.

    • Joan Shoemaker-Pickell

      [edit] Weed is not the reason behind every crime. If you look at his picture, he is not from here. Weed is used for many things, only the ‘dope heads’ get in trouble and on the news

    • Nothing at all to do with pot more about somebody having there shit stolen and going to get it back!!!!!!

  • Well I’m sure they will be waiting for him in Peoria. Deffinitley some missing info here like how did this chap get whacked?
    Guess it’s just another day in the life of a ripoff artist and his mom and sis. Lol.

  • So in Oregon you can get shot buy a perp ,and perp gets shot two has time to go to a hospital get his gun shot wounds tended to. Then checks him self out of the hospital has time to wait for his ride from his relatives,and is now on his way threw calif ,so they will go right threw humboldt co ,so I wonder how long the victim. Had to wait for the police to arrive save his life and put out bolo wow he should .have stayed in Oregon, better or hell he should hide out in Humboldt our police are enept .

  • Looks like he is mustafa

  • Your local cops aren’t inept they just have 9million miles to cover and very few employees. Actually I’m just reminded of the Mexicanos w the lbs of H. Your correct. Inept at best. We would have locked them away for decades w no Qs asked and very little access to defense.

  • Good reporting

  • Post up at the gas stations along the way, they gotta refuel sometime;
    It’s a 2016 shouldn’t it have a tracking device? After all it is American made

  • Saw this guy up.by cascade apartments on laws today

  • I know Cave Junction is funky, but self check out of a hospital suffering from several gunshot wounds?

  • Well he must have gotten threw humboldt imagine that .

  • Happened down the road from me. Warning to all. Do not mess with folks on Holland Loop Road. Most of us know each other, have guns, and will defend ourselves and our neighbors. It might even be said we have our own militia.

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