Former Hoopa Coach Sentenced for Sexual Misconduct With a Minor

Press release from the District Attorney’s Office:

imageservlet-44-240x300William Jarnaghan (dob 12/9/77) was sentenced today after pleading guilty on March 22, 2016 to one felony count of Penal Code Section 289(h) (Sexual Penetration with a Foreign Object of a Minor Under the Age of 18). The defendant was the Hoopa High School softball coach until the school learned of his sexual contact with a minor.

The victim was present in court and along with her family supported the plea and sentence. The victim’s grandfather addressed the Court, and spoke of the betrayal he felt after trusting Mr. Jarnaghan to coach the victim. In addition to 3 years of supervised probation, Superior Court Judge Joyce Hinrichs imposed 364 days of jail time. Sentencing also included lifetime registration as a sex offender, a lifetime restriction on gun ownership and the requirement that the defendant complete a sex offender treatment program.

Mr. Jarnaghan will be in custody starting tonight.

The case was investigated by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and the Child Abuse Services Team and prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett.

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  • Scumbage.

  • How dare you !! We entrusted you with our children 🙁
    You truly are a SCUM BAG !!

  • The worst ones usually seem the least harmful. Thanks and respect to the victim for speaking up and to the family and/or community members who believed the victim.
    It seems coaching is one of the favored jobs of these types (ex. Penn State) unfortunately. The emotional &psychological impacts so heavy, along with the obvious physical ones.

  • He works buy the high school. Hope they do away with his job so he doesn’t try to hurt more little Girls..

  • Less than a year in jail for sexually abusing a minor that he was coaching?

    What the fuck is wrong with our criminal justice system? According to John Chiv’s blog, the judge knows he’ll spend only half that time in jail. And the girl was 15, according to her grandfather’s testimony that Chiv quoted.

  • D-bag!!and to think people trusted you.Jail will take care of you and then justice will be served,their gonna love bad it’s not pelican!!!DON’T MESS WITH OUR CHILDREN

  • Wait, wasnt it consensual? Interesting that if the victim was male and it was a female teacher we would have comments inappropriately suggesting thats every teen boys dream. (and no jail time…)

  • amimissingsomething

    For the life of me I cannot understand how the piece of trash only got a year in jail. The sentence screams injustice for the very young victim. If it were my Daughter he would not be breathing air today no matter what sentence they would give me. This guy at the very least needs to have his nuts removed. Just can’t understand such a light sentence for someone in a position of trust. What a POS

    • Read previous articles from John Chiv on the history of this. The man did not rape his victim, just used his position to prey on her. He was only to get probation but the judge ruled that he needed to serve some time to send a message. If it was rape it would of been a lot longer sentence.

  • Reffan.. Yes please read John chives blog this sicko stuck his hand in the girl’s vagina. Is that don’t constitute rape but I don’t know what does. He was caught by the cameras at the school doing a practice session. I don’t understand why people make excuses for sickos especially when he’s twenty years older than her. Don’t you get it she is a minor he is an adult and a coach at that someone you are supposed to trust bottom line at the end of the day as an adult he should have known better

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