Upskirting Update: David Nunez to Be Arraigned


A selfie taken by the owner of the phone.

David Nunez, a Bay Area man, who is suspected of taking numerous videos and photos up women’s skirts and down their blouses without their permission, is scheduled to be arraigned on two misdemeanor counts May 10.

In February, local woman Michelle Vandenack discovered a phone on the river bar near Garberville. Though the phone was broken, she could tell it had videos and photos still on it. She began looking at them in an attempt to locate its owner.

Instead she discovered multiple crimes. The phone had been used to film up women and girls’ skirts and down their blouses. She turned the phone over to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. We wrote an article about the crimes. (Click here to see the article.)

Friday, District Attorney Maggie Fleming said that a letter had been sent to Nunez informing him of the arraignment. “If he doesn’t appear, then we send a warrant,” she explained.

Her office is charging Nunez with 647(j) (2) invasion of privacy using a camera to look under or through someone’s clothing and 647.6. (a) (1) annoying or molesting a child. These are both misdemeanor charges. If convicted, he could face county jail time and a fine. Or, he could get probation.

Counseling could be one result of conviction or a plea bargain. “We would certainly argue for that,” Fleming said.

The mother of the juvenile victim who picked Nunez out of a photo lineup said, “This is a lesson to our community that things have changed. I use to let my kids walk around Garberville when they were eight, nine years old by themselves. Now though, when my daughter is almost 18, I don’t like it.”

She added, “He is a predator. We don’t need this kind of guy in our county.”

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  • You’ve got to be a MAJOR LOSER to do what this major loser did. You know what would happen to this punk if this was still the old west and political correctness wasn’t invented, yet.

  • People have WAY too much time on their hands. And they are all mercenaries.

    “Hey, a broken phone, let me pry into the former owner’s life and – HEY – I can get someone BUSTED. Yeah!”

    Maybe women should dress more modestly, huh?

    1 Timothy 2:9 – In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety

    • The Bible also says in 1 Timothy 5:2 Treat “Older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, in all purity.” It doesn’t say some women or just the women who are dressing the way you approve of, it says ALL.

    • Jesus said, “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

      Matthew 5:28.

      I don’t know whether you are a religious brother and if you are, you are a pathetic excuse to call yourself Christian and your order should rescind your title.

      This man did something wrong, it has nothing to do with how a woman dressed. That is your projection and assumption.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Are you sure your name isn’t David? To try and defend this activity with such an insult is ridiculous. To use the bible in you bigotry is revulting! If you had read the other article you would understand, or should understand the thickness of scum this individual carries! His methods for perpetrating these acts would mirror a child predator!

    • [edit]I’m sure the child shouldn’t have dressed like that right? [edit]

      • If your going to edit my post that much please just delete it, there was nothing wrong with what I said, thanks

        • This site doesn’t allow direct insults to other commenters.

          • if I wouldn’t have used his commenter name would it still be considered a direct insult? I thougt it was pc being I used alternatives to curse words? not trying to be smart Alec just curious, honestly I felt he was insulting every woman born,

            • I have to admit to losing my temper a bit when I read the comment he left, too. However, the rules on this site are no insulting other commenters (you called him a name) and no threats of violence. I allow curse words but I try to get people to talk about what the problem with a comment is not attack the person who is saying it.

    • The major loser had several hundred pics i belive. Serial predator. Major loser. Deserves punishment.

    • I see you lost your camera “bro”

    • Get a life “Brother John” !!!!

    • If it was your daughter I’m sure you would think different !!!!!!

      • sharpen your pencil

        Anyone with a daughter couldn’t make that statement. This is either David Nunez or one in the same. Only a sick individual could think that way!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Oh, great, using the Bible to defend male crimes, just like always. Now I’ve heard everything. Wow. It’s always the women’s fault with Abrahamic religions. This is figuratively and literally getting to be so old.

    • Wtf, are you kidding? No your not, just ignorant…..this weirdo violated lots of unsuspecting people….you are basically defending him….or are you him? Its likely he will get probabtion and be back on the streets doing it again but some where else.

    • This type of stuff only happens in the boonies to stupid dumb hicks that have no common sense. Sorry … Just keeping it real. Wake up ladies.

      • Of course, young girls are just stupid dumb hicks. Of course, a vivacious Hispanic woman working in one of a business in Eureka is just a stupid hick. Of course, women in their 50’s grocery shopping are just stupid hicks. Of course, pregnant wives glowing with joy are just stupid dumb hicks. How silly of us to care whether they are the victims of a crime.

        • I’m just saying you guys up north do not see this on the daily basis like we do down here in the city. We talk about it more down here and we make sure that everybody is informed . Ladies in the Bay Area are street smart. U gotta b or people will get over on u. That’s y he’s got all this footage because he is a city kid getting over on dumb girls who don’t suspect anything.

          • To me, that the victims were unprepared for such behavior ought to make them even more deserving of our sympathy. And it’s too bad that the world makes people have to learn not to trust people.

  • “…(1) annoying or molesting a child. These are both misdemeanor charges.

    What!? Molesting child is only a misdemeanor ???

  • Any sane person would think this is creepy, Think about it, a person spends time on figuring out how to get a peep shot up some girls dress, What does he do ? Does he tape a camera on his shoe ? I dont think agent 86, Maxwell Smart would sink this low.

  • D-Bag!he’ll pay for it,he’ll get it in the End.ooppps sorry.John Chiv you rule.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • 🙂 G-ma. Thanks.

      • Careful he hangs out in arcata with some other people just like himself mainly around the college and u see him at the Walgreens in arcata but be on the look out for the safety of our women and kids and thanks you all for community watch for our families.

    • If it’s his first offense he will never see any jail time. Then he will be back to his same old ways.

  • witness digital

    “Brother John” is quite obviously David Nunez,the alleged criminal himself.. or an accessory of the actual criminal. Its kind of obvious!!

    Cant WAIT for the boys in the cell block to get a hold of you!

    • Actually “Brother John” posts a daily bible quote on the Lost Coast Outpost’s LoCo Earth section; usually the first comment in the Thunderdome arena. Apparently he’s a “Christian” with a literal interpretation of biblical text. Brother John: a true Christian…..fanatic.

  • what i want to know is…how in the F is ‘annoying or molesting a child’ considered only a misdemeanor???

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