Trailer Burns to the Ground Near Hydesville


Photos and video provided by a Fortuna Fire Department.

About 9:45 last night, a travel trailer was reported on fire south of Hwy 36 near Hydesville. Firefighters responded to the scene which was located approximately 1.5 miles down River Bar Road and fought the blaze in the dark.

Flames destroyed the trailer which, according to one person, had been abandoned there about a week prior.13062618_1333510556664823_591700325_o




  • Big excitement out on Starvation Flat!

    • That sounds very familiar around my particular part of Hiway 36 from Swain’s Flat to Bridgeville proper is like this anything sitting alongside the road or even off the road gets torched!!! Right now there are two candidates one is a dead car halfway over the edge into the river.It’s location is right across from the intersection of what is now Kneeland Road & Hiway 36 another candidate is an dead RV in what is known locally as “The Turnaround Spot”about a mile West of where I live!!! I’m just waiting & wondering when they will be torched hopefully before everything dries out again, so it’s a bit less of a hazard if it spreads!!!

  • Nothing better to do!!glad that’s all that burned.nuts

  • amimissingsomething

    Trailer burns down near Starvation Flat. Mucho mejor título

  • was that the one from the jetty?

  • The one north of Redway went BOOM when it was burned. I could hear the booms!

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