Child Struck by Car in Eureka Today

A child was struck by a car on West Henderson about 4:45 p.m. today. A silver 4-door sedan hit the girl near California Street. Eureka Police blocked the right hand turn lane on Henderson for a short time with an EPD car.

The girl was with friends when she was hit. She was standing and walking when our reporter arrived on the scene but was later transported by ambulance to St.Joseph’s Hospital.

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  • sharpen your pencil

    Damn. People need to put their cell phones down and look at the road! I live in Eureka drive through it daily, and everyday I see people on their phones either texting or hold the phone a convenient 6 inches from their face so that they can stare into it. HELLO, you don’t need to look into your phone to talk, and secondly buy a Bluetooth, or better yet use the one in your vehicle. Almost every stereo has Bluetooth any more or you can go down to the stereo shop and pick one up for 150!

    • you know sumthing that kym didn’t-doesn’t say a thing about a cell phone in the article. or you just like spouting safety rules

      • sharpen your pencil

        Just a general statement. But apparently I found one of the assholes whom like to stare at their phone six inches from the face! It is a real problem that happens, and is as preventable ad drunk driving! [edit]

  • I was there and the man who was driving didn’t even own a cellphone. The little girl bolted across the street, he wouldn’t have been able to even see her.

  • Sorry for the little girl and the man driving the vehicle but the cell phone safety tip is a good one.

  • I hope the girl is ok.A good lesson all around.look both ways!!

  • The person with the cell phone has made a good point, even if this is not the current situation. I do live in that neighborhood, and the comment could fit many drivers. That intersection is notorious for fast, reckless, inconsiderate and self-indulgent drivers hurrying to get to Broadway.
    Please try to reign in your comments about what others take note of, and especially attacks on children. There are school zone signs which indicate it is an area where any child might conceivable be frequenting. Also, children will be children and their behavior is appropriate for their ages, unlike adults. Adults should act like adults. The kids have to race across that street often to save themselves. If you do not live in our neighborhood and see it with your own eyes on a regular basis, you can’t know. Same intersection where a car drove up on the lawn. Second time that has happened for the homeowners. That’s why they have brick barriers.

  • The girl is okay, she made it through with only some scrapes and bruises, nothing broken from what I was told!

  • I live on hendeson just a few blocks west of this intersection, I see drivers passing by doing 40 and sometime 50 mph. Its got to be a real problem just getting out of my driveway. It would be nice if people would just slow down.

    • sharpen your pencil

      I can believe it. When I was in my younger year I used to be hanging out with my friends down in this area, and walking, driving or anything else through Henderson all the way down to broadway has been nightmareish. They used to do the DUI checkpoint on henderson almost monthly. They could easily have a cop sitting on spring and fill quotas all day!

    • sharpen your pencil

      May need to arcata it up a bit and add a few more stop signs, and speed bumps. Atleast that way the jackass drivers speeding can pay for some repair work on their cars.

  • The people who teach are children to drive some times are daughter and granddaughter ‘ s their instructor was awful,they learned 3 times more from us.PUT down your cell phone and maybe you’d see has fast your driving!!I’m a kind driver,I let folks cut in,I let folks cross the street at a cross walk,when no one let’s them cross,I drive the speed limit,mostly I watch other kind to others.No I’m not a goodie two shoes,just sayin

  • Hardly ever see anyone getting a ticket for speeding in Eureka. Go to Rio Dell or Fortuna and see traffic stops all the time. Traffic enforcement cuts down on other types of crime. Criminals don’t like to be in high traffic enforcement areas.

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