Tonight’s Meeting of the Planning Commission Slated to Discuss ‘Limit or Moratorium on Cannabis Manufacturing Facilities’

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Different grades of hash from a Mendocino facility in 2010.

Did you know that tonight’s meeting of the Humboldt County Planning Commission will be considering “a limit or moratorium on cannabis manufacturing facilities?” The agenda states there will be “Discussion and possible action.”

The meeting is at 6 p.m. in at 825 Fifth Street in Eureka at the Board of Supervisors Chambers in the Courthouse.

The public is invited.



  • Why is Humboldt so behind the times on this subject. I would suggest they pattern themselves after what seems to be working so well for Colorado.

    • Theres actually quite a few problems with whats going on in colorado. I’ve been following whats going on over there. From a money stand point, there killin it with the huge taxation so no problems there. But did you know that theres almost NO places in colorado to go sit down and smoke your legally purchased rec. weed? That’s right and if you are caught smoking it on the street it is illegal. Also the banking aspect of whats going on over there is just stupid also, since clubs can’t put the money into banks there’s basically privately hired and armed mercenaries that deal with the picking up and transporting the large sums of money from the clubs to elsewhere.

  • I don’t agree with any commercial grows look what th here doNE to the environment ,and it’s not gonna be any better a limit has to be set . I think it’s all greed plain and simple .I don’t think American s can smoke that much dope and i don’t think they should .

  • I don’t think anyone should smoke any pot, at all. I do, however, think it should be legal. Legal grows will do far less environmental damage, for multiple reasons. They’ll be subject to regulation, so won’t be using banned chemicals or dumping tons of stuff into waterways. They’ll be able to spread out over wide areas rather than trying to maximize production in a small area through the use of as many chemicals as possible. And, the price will plummet, so the incentive to do highly-intensive operations will vanish.

    • Actually data from other states and discussion amongst alcohol distributers who are watching the legal distribution reg meetings for pot are all saying the price will not necessarily go down. In Colorado the black market is booming. In Washington the taxes are so steep no one signed up. Is it really fair to charge say a cannabis tincture maker 40% of their income while an echinacea tincture maker pays 20%? If the permit process is too expensive and the taxes too high we will have an even worse black market situation.

      Its nice to think that legalization will stop environmental destruction from grows but it hasn’t with any other crops. Just because the state lets the central valley use all that diverted water sure doesn’t mean it’s environmentally friendly. Its surprising when people forget what agri-biz is really like.

      Legalization could bring huge factory farms that are legally diverting and polluting with toxins. There’s no way to fight huge farm companies like that; at least with the cartels there’s a chance they could get busted. Look at the regs for what is legal to use on crops in our country. Big biz is allowed to kill animals that stand in the way of ‘the economy’. It could actually get worse.

      The thinking that the majority of grows are doing illegal water diversions is just not true. And why doesn’t anyone care about all the grapes sucking up water? Funny to think in the 20’s it was the opposite.
      There are many small farmers who respect their watershed and we need to support the folks doing it right so we don’t get steamrolled by big ag.

      • Upset By All The Greed

        I agree with you. Standards to protect the environment and lab testing to protect the consumer should be enough. After that we should be pushing for smaller limits on grow sizes! But CCV-H and others think we should push for larger grows? Don’t they understand that it is exactly the strategy which attracts the big money while destroying the small mom n pops?! They talk like it’s inevitable so we need to get with it and blow up our grows… But this is a brand-new business that we are creating- we can write the laws the way we want them, not the way the corporations want them!! Why are we giving it away?!

  • I agree bushy tails I don’t think they stand a chance for 2 long

  • Mother of dragons

    Babylon. Everyone using the herb for caoatilistic gains will only smolder like the embers on a joint or barn fire. You can’t beat the fam, and all of the Babylon footsoldiers will reap what they sow. And all the kind folks will reap what they sow. Remember that not everyone who grows is kind, but weed belongs to the kind folk.

  • Mother of dragons

    Just go look at the dazeys lot by the 101 redway entrance. Not kind. I don’t care how much money someone gives away, that much dirt and shit is not kind. There’s a hole somewhere. I’m sick of all the people talking about ganja like it’s medicine and then all this commercial growing yata yata yata gimme a break. Evil forces are at work. What I want to k ow is, are you KIND? The amount of dirt used isn’t, I know that. If you grow your weed in new potting soil, you’re not sustainable or “natural.” You’re a parasite like all the rest.

    • Weed is commodity, it’s a business now. A huge business.
      Get over yourself and your selfish ideals.

      • Mother of dragons

        You ain’t kind. Have fun with that.

      • Yes. Medical marijuana is not for small growers who “care”. It is now a business for large, deep-pocketed financial concerns to make more money. This is what America is about! It is not about communities of small farmers. That model would never work in modern America- it is a relic of the past. Let’s all remember who has the power now and submit to their benevolence. Those old hippie values are now worthless and frankly they are selfish and embarrassing to those of us who understand business. And we are now here to take your product to the next level. Thank you for submitting and allowing us access to all of your markets, lingo, images and know-how! Now please get out of the way. You understand what happens next. Do not struggle. Again- out thanks to those in the evolving community who paved our way- the mega-growers and their representatives and facilitators!

        • Mother of dragons

          Your sarcasm defeats your character and you can never defeat us. Call it hippy ideals call it whatever the fuck you need to. You can’t beat the earth. Go understand your business [edit] cuz it’s ruined the earth.

        • Mother of dragons

          PS you can’t touch our markets. How do you sleep at night ?

    • khaleesi, is that you?

  • We are so far behind in Humboldt it’s not even funny.
    All due to greedy local politics !
    Our county has been missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars because of small minded small town small brain local reps…..
    Idiocracy at its best!

  • It is over. You should see it blowing up in Oregon!

  • Mother of dragons

    Whoa whoa what I want to know is. Are you kind

    • Ok already, we get it… you are a Deadhead. Way to quote the most cliche lyrics. Bravo.

      • Don’t be mad cuz you’re not kind. They apply. And I don’t think that’s the most overplayed, it’s probably “what a long strange trip”. Peace on the streets though. That’s how I feel with all the weed tall and regulation blah blah enough already. Clichés only come about because they invoke enlormous collective sentiments.

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