Masked Man Robs Eureka Gas Station


Image provided by a reader.

A masked man robbed Humboldt Petroleum about 11:50 last night. He brandished a firearm at the clerk, demanded money, and fled.

Eureka Police officers arrived quickly in the area. A K-9 was deployed to track the robber. According to the scanner, officers on foot soon spotted a man mounting a motorcycle. The motorcyclist sped off southbound on Glen Street.

At this point we haven’t been able to reach Eureka Police Department to determine what the outcome was. We’ll update as soon as possible.

UPDATE 7:50 a.m.: The suspect was not captured last night. According to Brittany Powell, spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department. The suspect who had black hair was wearing a black face mask covering lower part of his face and glasses. He also had on a black and white plaid hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, tan pants and white tennis shoes.

The officers who arrived on scene, Powell said, used a K-9 to track the suspect’s scent. Some officers spotted a man pushing a motorcycle. The man got on the motorcycle and began driving off. Officers attempted to make contact and stop the vehicle. The motorcyclist stopped briefly and then accelerated away. However, Powell said, “The clothing of the man on the motorcycle did not match [those of the robbery suspect] but the clothing could have been changed. It is unknown if that is the subject in the robbery.”

Photo from EPD added 12:53 p.m.: 160420 2346 HP17 Frnt Door



  • Oh wow!!it’s getting ruff out there.they just ranked EUREKA the 2nd most dangerous city in California that’s not ok!!we need the law to open up that can of whoop ass and take.back our town,this is nuts.I get the feeling that they don’t care,I see brand new county and city cars!!that money could have been used for more cops . priority’s

    • Epd won’t do anything Mills has already practically done what he said he wouldn’t do to the homeless but I do agree something needs to be done

  • G-ma needs to put her glasses back on and read the whole article not just the title. That was old and erroneous data as stated in the rest of the article. The stats were found to have been from 2012 and included crimes from petty theft to murder. Below is a link to the whole article.

  • The city tax payers voted in a tax measure which we were lead to believe was to be used for Public Safety. Just like prop 47 the way it was written was miss leading. Now that tax measure money is being spent on other things besides Public Safety and approved by this city council. Mark my word this present city council is going to destroy are city. We need a fully staffed police dept and probably another 10 officers added to combat the amount of crime that is happening in our city. Because of the low staff of police officers I think the city should request extra patrols of our streets by the CHP. This has been done before

    • Unless they pull you over at 5:30 am going to work, doing 7 miles an hour over speed limit in downtown. It took 4 fracking police cars. I had one officer at the passenger side window watching my every move. One officer at a 45 degree off the passenger rear bumper. One at the rear and the one writing the ticket. The officer took his sweet ass time writing the ticket. If that wasn’t show enough, they had a fracking meeting next to my car as to why I was pulled over. “I’m going to work you bunch of ass hats!”

  • The way they stride looks like a chic!!off topic,PRINCE died today.i liked his music bummer

  • Looks like clothes over clothes too.

  • now i realize this case is more severe but the police have very little incentive to make an arrest if they have little to no confidence of a conviction. not trying to say they are blameless but the revolving jail door kinda takes the steam out of trying to go after petty theft and property crimes. if it does not involve a murder or adequate asset forfeiture…

  • Hey horton,calm your jets man. CHANNEL 11 ON MONDAY AGAIN said we were ranked again 2nd most dangerous city I was repeating someones.elses news sorry I upset you.what didn’t I read,I guess I missed something you know my glasses are old lol.i did talk to the clerk about what happen.still looks like a chic

    • What in the world is a “chic?” af

      • A girl,sorry I’m a 70’s chic.its a slang word sometimes I trip back lol.have a good one,peace out

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Slang for female. Usually spelled “chick.” Same category as “broad”, “dame” and other colloquialisms with varying degrees of offensiveness. “Chick” is pretty tame like “guy” or “dude.”

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