Sedan on Roof Blocking One Lane of Hwy 299 Near North Bank Road

One lane of Hwy 299 is partially blocked following a single vehicle accident this morning about 5:23. A small sedan is on it’s roof in the number two (outside) westbound lane near North Bank Road. One patient received minor injuries.



  • Jeezz kym, do u ever sleep? U r so on top of local stories and events, incredible. Hope all is well with these folks, have a great wed.

    • Sleep?…I have heard of this pleasant condition but its visits are rare…

      • Hi Kym..wonderig if you have heard anything about a car upside down in the Mattole river in Whitethorn? Saw the CHP looking for it last night at Moonlight meadows road…steep scary bluff there.

  • Somebody else just flipped in that same spot. Wonder if deer are crossing.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    I hope the driver of the flipped car on the 299 at North Bank Road makes a quick recovery. Drove by after the scene was cleared and the vehicle was being prepped for towing. Thank you CHP/the tow company and EMS for their quick response. By the way I always check in with Kym here and LCO/CHP roads before my long commute each day. You all help alert drivers what is going on in o’dark thirty : )

  • The second flip is being listed on LoCO as 299 by Glendale but it is actually just a little bit west of the first flip, closer to North Bank but really almost the identical spot and almost exactly 12 hours apart. Very strange.

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