Public Help Asked in ‘Suspicious’ Mendocino Death


Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

Mendocino County Detectives are continuing to investigate a potential homicide related to the death of Decedent Mark Terry II, 60 years of age. Terry was a long time resident in the Willits, CA area.  The location and condition of how the decedent was found remains suspicious.

The photographed vehicle belonged to the decedent.  The Sheriff’s Office is requesting anyone who observed this vehicle in or around the Willits area or any persons in or around the vehicle, while it was parked near the intersection of Coast and Mill Street in Willits, between 4-7 and 4-17-2016, is requested to contact the Sheriff’s Investigative Unit.

Anyone with information on this case is requested to call the Sheriff’s Tip Line at (707)234-2100.

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  • Mark was surely murdered. He had been missing for days before his truck mysteriously appeared where it was eventually found by police. There are witnesses who say they saw four people ( 3 males, one female) tasing Mark and him leaving with them from a home near the foodbank. None of his friends have seen or heard from him since that day. He never made it back to his own vehicle, someone else moved it to it’s final location. I hope the police handle this properly. Otherwise his murderers might get away with this!

  • I’m about 95% sure I saw this vehicle heading down Briceland -Thorn Rd in Redway at about 10:30pm last night. It headed out Briceland way… Thought I may have recognized it from when I first saw the photo yesterday afternoon. After re-examining today, it either was that truck, or a carbon copy… Paint damage and all.

  • Mark was murdered. I went to the house of the people who had taken him to try and find him was not allowed in and was told he wasn’t there I asked the sheriff to do a welfare check and they said he wasn’t in the house at that time. now the murders have fled and left the state per the detective who is handling his case and didn’t respond to our request to contact us for 3 days

  • The word on the street in the Willits Community is that [edit] and his gang is responsible for this murder….. has anybody herd this name??

    • Yup sure have and a female by name of doccs or doks told sheriff department two days ago diego and her were dating and this poor man was friends with her

      • And [edit] left town after this all happened. A little suspicious if you ask me.. I know the womans name who was involved in the murder her name is Hannah. I’ve never met her just heard of her.

  • This is Kim Doak and me moving had been in the works 3 months prior when I was evicted out of my black mold infested apartment it had nothing to do with marks murder and mark was my dear dear friend I love and miss him deeply. So you should really know and have your facts straight before talking shit

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