Major Injury Accident Near Phillipsville

A vehicle struck a motorcycle on the Avenue of the Giants near Phillipsville about 5:30 p.m. The driver of the vehicle that collided with the motorcycle reported the incident.  An ambulance took the motorcyclist to the hospital. The California Highway Patrol Incident page is reporting that this is a major injuries accident.

Traffic control was needed and there are still emergency vehicles at the scene. Please avoid the area for awhile if possible.



  • the motorcycles legg is detached from its body Daniel Moffett

    • veterans friend

      I sure hope you are not trying to be funny [edit]
      That is a real person who just lost his (or her) leg & had their life changed forever.

    • How dare you,Mr moto. Plus you don’t even know his name. He has family and friends around here. Way to blast somebody. Hope the best Daniel,hang in their buddy.

    • His name Is Daniel & he’s my cousin

  • hope for a speedy recovery Daniel. Too all that ride motorcycles please slow down! Life isn’t a race so take it slow.

    • veterans friend

      To all who drive cars…please look twice for motorcycles. I hope Tug you are not blaming the rider. The report clearly says the motorcycle was struck by the car. Was the car going too fast? Was the driver texting? WE DON’T KNOW

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        We don’t know about fault or blame yet, just because a report says the car hit the motorcycle. That’s a tad sketchy. Good luck to the injured cyclist.

  • I think I know a lot more than you do…I was there. Tied my own belt around his leg to save his life. not blaming anybody it was a accident. I’m a motorcycle rider myself and this is one of my biggest fears.

    • Tug, glad to know you were there to help the rider. This had to be difficult for you. What can you tell us about the car and the car’s driver?

    • I too am a rider. We all have that fear. All I was saying is, we don’t know (because most of us WEREN’T there). Thank you for taking action, for being there & for sharing what you know.
      Huge good wishes to the young man injured & his fast recovery. There are worse things than losing a leg.

    • We were riding our motorcycle earlier that day. There weren’t many other people on the road. We are in our late 60’s and try to watch out for cars. But you just never know. A redwood tree had fell across the pavement and made a huge dent in the road. It was posted with a very little sign. We just didn’t see the dent. We almost wrecked when we hit it, scared us both really bad. But on the way home it was repaired. Anything can hurt on a motorcycle. Please watch out for us. We watch out for you.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Well, no, not all motorcyclists watch out for cars. NO. Some drive like idiots just like some car and truck drivers. Gotta ride the center line, gotta lean INTO it, man. So free, man. Case by case basis. All good drivers fear the crazies. Not saying that happened here.

    • Good work! More people should know CPR/first aid…..thank you.

  • Was he turning onto the road and got hit by an oncoming car? There was a driveway and a house or two where he was hit. I was the third car on scene after the truck and airport shuttle style van. No police or EMT there yet. I ride also and the sight of that accident site made my stomach tighten up. A CHP SUV and a police car were coming at about 70MPH up the Avenue with full sirens when I was heading back south to Sylvandale to take 101 North. We thought good thoughts for the injured. I hope he recovers and makes his amputation into something positive in his life, even though that sounds really dumb right now.

  • Best wishes for a fast healing process. Quit riding sometime back. Miss it more than anything in the world! Sigh, til I hear about accidents like this one. Hoping the universe will give you strength.

  • Tug and I saved his life. I ride moto too. There is a donation jar for Daniel at Miranda Market. I havent spoken much about this incident. Just been holding a vigil. Ride safe out there!

  • Please note the victim of the accident, Daniel Mattos is a beloved active member of the community, and will be suffering tremendously in these transitional months ahead. He has lost his left leg, and broke his hip and femur.

    Those at the seen of the crime – Thank you so much for acting fast and saving his life. Words can’t cover our appreciation.

    The family is asking the community for some moral and financial support. You can find donation jars at Miranda Market or here:

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