Kailan Meserve Found Guilty of Rape

This is a press release from the District Attorney’s Office.

KAILAN-MESERVE-jpgOn April 19, 2016, a jury found 45-year-old Kailan Coridon Meserve guilty of 15 felony counts, including three counts of forcible rape, six counts forcible oral copulation, false imprisonment, assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, criminal threats, two counts of sexual battery, and sexual penetration by a foreign object.

On December 26, 2013 the defendant entered a residence in Petrolia where an acquaintance was staying and found her upstairs asleep. The victim awoke with the defendant on top of her, told him no, and tried to resist. During the rape he committed various forcible sex acts against her before leaving the residence. He then returned and committed sexual acts a second time.

On November 9, 2014 after a community event in Petrolia the defendant offered a ride home to a woman he had met. Instead of taking her home, he took her to his property. Once there, Meserve took her into a trailer, raped her and committed other sex acts without her consent. During the incident, he also strangled her, threatened to kill her and told her he would freeze her body and feed her to animals.

The case was tried by Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett, with assistance from District Attorney Investigator Steve Dunn. The defendant was represented at trial by Russell Clanton.

The defendant was remanded into custody after the verdicts were read. Judge Cissna will sentence the defendant on July 1, 2016. DDA Bennett and District Attorney Maggie Fleming wish to express appreciation to the victims in the case, whose willingness to provide difficult testimony has enhanced public safety.

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  • 100 yrs seems about right.

  • Are we supposed to think he was a mild-mannered guy before he just upped and raped two women? Was he spirialing out on drugs or something?

    • veterans friend

      Why on earth does that matter to you?

      • Only because he had so many supporters; he didn’t have any priors. His actions seemed random, I was just wondering if he was a good guy, but something happened. Drugs happen. Nothing personal about Mr. Meserve matters to me. It’s an odd case.

        • Not as odd as you may want to think. And the details of his crime are VERY personal, and worth remembering. Drugs are not needed to commit these atrocities, unless you count testosterone and a marriage license. af

        • These predators aren’t complete idiots. (Unfortunately) They often try to pick victims who seem like they might not report, or who would not be believed or supported if they did. They are almost always able to be likable, even very admirable and accomplished, or at least normal, toward those they aren’t preying on. Long story short, it’s a rare rapist who doesnt have supporters and best buds, not an exception. Its also not unusual for them to get away with it for a long time, ie not have priors.

  • Rapeos don’t do well in prison .

  • Sick mofo!

  • I met this creep at the Yellow Rose one afternoon, he was all up in my space and was extremely unsettling. I voiced for months he was a freak. Not surprised at all to know his truth. My heart goes out to the victims. Proud of your strength.

  • The women who testified against this man are heroes. I wish our society didn’t ask that they relive the horror that was inflicted on them in front of a room full of strangers. I wish our society wasn’t more likely to blame them for a rape rather than blame the disgusting predators that commit these crimes (as if this is some sort of natural and expected behavior for men!?!?). But it does, and these women are extraordinary.

  • how weird, knew him when he was an innocent 6 year old…
    his parents must be freakin’ out…
    well, probably for years…
    ya just never know…

  • Protect our Children

    You just never know about people, what baggage they carry, what haunts and torments from childhood, resulting in discusting behaviors like this. Protect yourself and your children, you just never know, who’s lurking out there. Since they don’t want to get help or cant, there needs to be some type of jail/rehab for these people. It’s not worth it or fair to the victims to wait or assume they can be helped.

  • Chances are these are not the 1st two women he tortured/raped. But maybe the 1st women in his own community so he got caught. Liz, 100 years sounds right.

  • Amazing that there are so many negative comments about this guy, I thought we live in a rape culture.

  • Violence against women is far too common. And there is little out there to protect us from the weirdos. Men fear they won’t get respect. Women fear that men will harm them. This is fact. I am 45 and always have that lingering thought in the back of my mind. What if a man got his hands on me and harmed me? Can I protect myself? Will I survive? We shouldn’t have to live like that…but here’s what we see in even our local community. A community member you see at local events –and you had no clue of the potential ugliness.

  • this guy has been doing this shit for years. trust me i know personally. i’m sure it was aggravated by drugs but it did not start that way. i cannot attest to that actutally,, there may have been drugs involved even back then.. i may have been too naive to know that yet. but either way it is not out of character regardless of his priors. he is a cold sociopathic self entitled arrogant douche bag just like it seems. he took what he wanted. he conned and lied and he broke people forever. i pray for his daughters and wife, please do too. they will need it

    • Me serve…just serving himself as he pleases. He does look like he has that arrogant self entitled look on his creepo face.

  • Relationship to Dave Meserve, the Green Party politician of Arcata?

  • yea in his earlier days ,partying in the valley at the few big social events every year,He’d have the Meth and the Bud to share with any young girls for a quick BJ….and there were more than a few willing ….He took that arrogance to a whole new level and now he pays the ultimate price…his freedom,his family,his life [edit]

  • This story was broadcast on public radio’s “Reveal”. RevealNews dot org “Against Their Will” Sept. 10 broadcast. This is link to the extended article version. Details are very ugly, just like Meserve. Family defended him all the way.

    Also see revealnews dot org in secretive marijuana industry whispers of abuse and trafficking


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