[UPDATE 4/20 p.m.] First Raid of the Season?

marijuana in the sun raidWe’ve received several reports of “sheriffs and a chipper” in northeastern Humboldt today. Is it a marijuana raid? Is it the fabled first kickoff to a long season of helicopters, law enforcement convoys, and tense, cryptic phone conversations between neighbors? We’re not sure. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office says they are unable to provide information at this time.

What we can tell you is:

One reader told us of sighting twelve sheriff vehicles possibly with a chipper headed out Hwy 299 this morning before 8:30 a.m. Another said she had seen four sheriff vehicles and a chipper in the Orleans area out Hwy 96.

So we can’t absolutely confirm this is a marijuana raid. Or even that it is the first of the season. But, the reader that contacted us first stated, “Feels good to be the guy with the first tip to start this new season off.”

Should we start giving out pizzas for good tips? (Just joking, folks. As many sightings as we sometimes get, our pizza bill could break the budget fast.)

UPDATE 4/20 p.m.: According to a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, “[W]e were not in Willow Creek, just travelling through to Orleans. We were serving a search warrant, and nothing was yielded.”



  • I believe that Obama in one of his many pledges said He would stop the prosecution of Marijuana grows. What did I miss ?

    • That would be Federal and last time I checked HCSD was county.

    • President Obama is a liar.

    • WhoAreThesePeople?

      Obumma also said he would end the wars.

    • ‘Hope and Change’ for Wall Street Big Banks, not for the folks who actually voted for the man. His eight year legacy is tainted for failure to follow up on his campaign promises…absolutely no reason for cannabis to be Sched 1 drug, none, and he knows it but fears being the President who makes the change…Sad really

    • The big O was shuck and jive right out the gate. The ACA was designed to fail, and that’s just one part of his “accomplishments.” Pure BS… I actually know people who voted for this cretin because he’s a BLACK cretin.
      Our educational “system” has insured our demise. Those who actually give a rat’s ass, homeschool. af

    • ●○●○●○

      His administration ordered the DOJ to not fund any federal police activities on states with medical Marijuana laws. For a year after the order the federal cops jyst gave the finger to Obama administration, and now it seems like the federal raids have died down.
      This is HCSO funded by either county or state funds.

  • The chipper and the sheriff’s vehicles were said to have headed down Red Cap road in Orleans.

  • Piss is a great deterent

    Not everyone who grows weed is kind. Remember that. Support the kind folks, to hell with the greedy people, you’ve made it worse for everyone.

  • veterans friend

    Didn’t we hear a story a couple of weeks ago about 13 le vehicles going up Alderpoint road?
    Believe it when it actually happens, not “reports”

  • There was law enforcement followup on incident that was happening in Alderpoint. It wasn’t a marijuana raid at that time.

    Law enforcement are out in the field today but where has not yet been confirmed.

  • Hey if ya don’t grow weed you’ve nothing to worry about.

    • Yeah, and to hell with the 4th Amendment, too. af

    • …Except paying rent/morgue-gouge, homeowners, license and reg fees, and suppose you want to feed you and your kids something besides GMO corporate farmed toxin laden “food”?

  • As a recovering tax person, most aren’t making any money growing anymore anyway. Rent your land to the next sucker

  • Couldnt be SWAP crews doing road brushing in Fire areas from last year, could it…?

  • Bloomberg News has an article encouraging the 2 biggest cigarette manufacturers, which control 80% of the cigarette market, to enter the Marijuana market.

  • people are making more money growing than renting think about it even if you rent for 50 to 200 grand. People are growing million dollar crops left and right.

  • MMMMMMM, chipper hash.

  • Look at the bright side. A good raid now and then helps keep the price up. It’s also healthy for the herd. Wolves kill the weak and old, making the remaining herd stronger.

  • Local Realestator

    my sister lives in Washington and she sells weed on the black market. To been a good year or more since they legalized the flower. The game goes on and her profits are not any worse than they were in 2010.

    • yea but from eternity until roughly ’09 outdoor farmers were getting 3k and up no haggling, and 25 plants was just fine for any semi-competant farmer. nothing wrong with that. extracting a living from the soil is what first defined humans as”civilized” And there is way worse sh*t you could be growing. Like GMO sugar beets, to sweeten useless novelty foods, GMO corn to sweeten obesity contributing big gulp sodas, or GMO tobacco to give people emphysema/cancer and provide lucrative careers to cardiologists/pulmonologists. *end sermon

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