Drug Deal in Parking Lot of Grocery Store Gets Busted, According to EPD

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Eureka Police DepartmentOn 04/1916 at about 1:20 p.m., detectives with the Eureka Police Department Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP), Drug Task Force, and the DEA served a search warrant on Brian Hickey and his vehicle in the parking lot of Murphy’s Market.

During the course of the investigation, three vehicles total were searched in the parking lot and six people were contacted.

Brian Hickey, 53 of Eureka, was arrested for possession of marijuana for sales, transportation of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license.  Vanessa Stowe, 26 of Eureka, was arrested for possession of marijuana for sales, possession of drug paraphernalia, and probation violation.  Jacques Champagne, 47 of Eureka, was arrested for probation violation.



  • WhoAreThesePeople?

    With all these unexplained corpses being found, all these unsolved robberies, burglaries, and assaults, all the drunken rapists, all the meth…

    It’s good to see that EPD has the time and resources to stop the victimless “crimes”.

    • there are no victim less crime s look what is happening in your area

    • the guy is on probation but….. he’s got weed so it’s ok ???

    • I couldn’t agree with you more

    • I can’t even begin to understand how you might be connecting the dots on the following: Police officers do not know when they approach any vehicle for whatever reason they have, to approach said vehicles, what they might find, so they can’t know it is “only weed” as you assume. B. Selling drugs is illegal. Weed is illegal. C. Police officers doing their jobs do not stop doing their jobs just because other more serious crimes are being committed, investigated or reported! Each officer has a position within the department. Some are on patrol and others are detectives. The same as a receptionist is not going to do your dental work, just because they are both in the field of dentistry.
      Thanks to the EPD for their work on all that they do to cure our woes.

      • Dear Bobbi M. I agree with you, except where you said Weed is illegal. Please demonstrate how Weed is illegal , I believe they are now giving out permits for growing and I also believe they passed a law a few years back making Weed legal. They also issue medical cards for sick persons, So please quote your statement with facts. Sincerely. Tug

  • Thomas Edrington

    The DEA dropped in for a parking lot weed dealer?

  • They must have been watching someone to have a search warrant and the DEA on hand at Murphy’s.

  • Thanks EPD! sorry your community doesn’t back you up 🙁

  • Get real people just do one search for Jacques champaign. I’m sure you will find the article in which Champaign was busted with over a POUND of METH. So victimless crimes and harmless criminals? I think not

  • Weed us not a crime, the establishment made it a crime.

  • There was a rat. Too many agencies and a warrant? I smell rat shit in this parking lot.

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