Man Arrested for Assault and Elder Abuse in Carlotta

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

201601907 PollardOn Friday, April 15, 2016 at about 12:40 p.m., Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs responded to the 100 block of Church Ln, Carlotta, for an assault report. It was reported to deputies the 65 year old male victim has a restraining order against his son, 33 year old Daniel Michael Pollard. Deputies responded to the residence and could hear a loud verbal altercation taking place. Deputies spoke with the male victim. The male victim stated Pollard shoved him and caused him to fall. The victim told deputies on a previous date, Pollard had broken the victim’s ribs. Deputies arrested Pollard and requested a search warrant for firearms that may be in Pollard’s bedroom in violation of the restraining order.

Pollard was taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for assault and battery, attempting to dissuade a witness to testify, elder abuse, and his multiple warrants. The warrants were for assault, battery, resisting/delaying/obstructing a public officer, elder abuse, dissuading a witness, and violation of a domestic violence restraining order. Pollard’s bail was set at $275,000.

A search warrant was granted by a Humboldt County Superior Court Judge. During the search, deputies located three rifles, one modified handgun, multiple caliber magazines, and over 100 boxes of ammunition. A search of the back yard also revealed multiple hiding spots, including a tunnel leading to a bunker.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • You’ve got to be a major, major loser to hit your parents. Glad bail was set that high and I hope this punk does serious time. Wishfull thinking, right!

  • Pos that’s all I got to say about that

  • That guy is 33?!

  • The tunnel to the bunker lil cra cra sound like meth sycosis

  • If you think tunnels and underground bunkers are…”cra cra” or crazy.. You don’t know where you’re at

  • This guy is major loser! What’s he doing living with his parents at 33 years of age?? Time to get off meth and get a “JOB”.

  • He has one of those mail order brides from the Philippines and 3 or 4 kids living there with the dad ,so the poor guy has to deal with that while the pos is in jail .which could be awhile before he gets out .glad the bail was set high enough to keep him in jail .he has to come up with 27 thou to get out on bail .I doubt the dad will help him .reason I know this I live down the road from that family .

  • How funny how you all have a very persuasive outlook on a situation by what you read or hear. You see first of all I am Daniel’s wife and I can asure you I am not no god damn Philippines mail order bride. I’m an American citizen who happens to be CUBAN from the state of FLORIDA. Also none of you have, nor will be able to witness the true incidents that happen behind the four walls my family and I live in. I understand how pathetic it may seem for a man that age to still live with his parents and treat them that way…boohoo. Yet the so called victims don’t step forward and truly shed light into the actual situation. Two parents who have happened to be Coke addicting drinking fools back in the day who decided to have children and still haven’t changed their habits. Not only that , two parents who believe they know what showing love and affection is all about when in reality all they have embraced on both thier sons was the habit of giving them everything they wanted when thier tantrums became fit. An alcoholic father who never appreciated nor cared to recognize what his son had ever done for him and a mother, who I believe, neglected her own children to rise and protect a bunch of wild animals that at the end would eventually get killed by someone, the environment, or its own predator. I have lived in this home for 10 years and have had many terrible incounters with this family over petty things but what has broken that cycle, is not drugs. It was a horrific night where all three of his family memebers, who happen to be extremely intoxicated at the time, ganged up upon myself and my husband attacking us in our own bedroom claiming my husband had attacked me. Then they proceded to corner us and began to beat daniel and I. I have always gotten in the way so he wouldn’t get hurt. Yet the so called victim (dad) decided to punch my face giving me some excuse later on about how I had hit him first. Am sorry but the only two sober people in this home at the time of this incident was my husband and I. While I was hurt and screaming to let my husband go,Daniel’S brother was repeatedly beating his brothers face.
    After we both got up and away, they (dad and brother), continued to try and attack us by entering my children’s bedroom and not letting us close thier bedroom door frightening my children and managing to push my oldest down making her hurt herself.
    Then having the nerve to call the police stating we had started that frightful fight, yet they continued to do things towards my husband this way to where there is only so much someone can take.
    NOW I understand I’m gonna be told back all kinds of things, BUT all I will say is this…UNLESS YOU HAVE LIVED WITH THE SITUATION I DONT BELIEVE YOU SHOULD HAVE A SAY NOR WILL YOU UNDERSTAND.
    About the bunker…that was a project any survivalist would do, I myself helped him build it about four to five years ago.
    All over America there have been people making underground homes and so called bunkers for some time now, That is not crazy.
    It takes hard work and skill to build one of these and it was a project my husband truly enjoyed building.
    My husband may seem like a terrible monster with no morals but in the end he IS my BELOVED husband, WHO LOVES his children in his own way ( sadly mirroring the same love and affection he received) and he is MY world.
    We all make mistakes… but no doubt there are the ones out in the world who will push every limit of someone’s patients and create a beautifully fabricated story to cause someone greif and pain.
    Yet while daddy is at home drinking his 24 pack of beer , popping his wonderful pain meds and reading how people belittle his son, my husband is sitting in jail truly understanding what it feels like to not be able to see his wife, children and unborn child because his so called parents have decided to finally say “no” and be the parents they should have been 30 some odd years ago.
    Now hope you all have a wonderful night
    I sure won’t having to hold my crying 5yr old who truly misses and wishes to be able to see and hold her father once more.

  • Wow, just goes to show how we don’t know what others are going through.
    When you see some one who has lost there sanity or is angry.
    Maybe they Carry a heavy load of baggage you will never understand.

    do we really think we know people, not really

    So be kind to one another have companion, understand if you help your neighbor, your helping everyone including yourself. Because they our part of YOUR community.

  • I am Daniels brother I have been a fire fighter for 7 years with the USFS and am currently a full time student in college with an accumulated GPA of 3.7. Everything Janet is saying about my family and parents is completely untrue. My parents are both wonderful people and Dan and Janet have lived at my parents house for over 10 years, both of them never graduated high school and both of them have never held down jobs. They both have assaulted my parents and both of them have assaulted me. My brother has pulled a handgun on both my father and I and has thrown rocks through windows in the house. They both smoke meth and have boarded up all the rooms to their windows and do not allow their children to participate in school functions and are two of the most dishonest neglectful and poorly educated individuals I have ever met. Nothing they have said about my parents are true. Both of my parents are wonderful people that have done nothing but financially and emotionally support these two derelicts. My brother is in jail because he is guilty of everyone of these charges and more. Janet is no better and in addition to having three children that she has neglected and chosen meth over time and time again is currently pregnant with her 4th child and is still choosing to smoke meth. It is my intention here to set the record straight and im guessing she didn’t think that my family would find out about her slanderous posts. Despite my brothers recent incarceration my family has still chosen to support Janet by providing her with a place to live and paying her bills. A service they have provided for over 10 years as neither of them have worked. All they have done is smoke meth, exhibit violent and destructive behavior towards each other and towards every member of the house hold. Upon discovery of this vile garbage Janet has chosen to post on here my parents have decided to serve her with a 30 day eviction notice. As a personal note to you Janet, you are truly an awful and ungrateful person. I regret having ever met you and both you and my brother have done nothing but bring shame to this family. I hope that you someday both get and education and a job and become a productive member to society and chose your children’s well being over drugs. You are two of the most dishonest and terrible people I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. It is my hope that you both become better people and stop causing my parents and myself misery. In an effort to set the record straight my parents are wonderful people and have worked very hard at being kind and honest. You are such an ungrateful individual and I cannot believe either of your behaviors. There is no excuse for the way that either of you have conducted yourselves in life and you both have chose to blame my parents when all they have done is support you. You are mooches and both lack education, manners, integrity, discipline, respect, and character. I hope my brother serves many years in jail for the crimes he has committed against my family and I hope that it is clear that Janets integrity is no better as she is not only the wife of my brother but is defending his actions as she is also guilty of assaulting both my parents and myself as well as neglecting her own children. All of the awful and untrue things she I claiming about my parents are ironically a perfect description of the person that she is. One would simply need to meet janet or my brother for a brief period of time to see that not only is meth an obvious factor in their lives. They are destructive and dishonest people who have robbed my family for years and cleaned out my parents garage to continue to purchase drugs. Seeing as how my families possessions have disappeared consistently throughout the years and neither of them have had jobs its obvious how they have been paying for drugs and inviting their “tweeker” friends over despite my parents constant pleas to stop partying all night and seek employment. These two have caused my family and their children irreparable harm and obviously show no signs of remorse. In conclusion I would like to state that my brother deserves to serve a lengthy prison sentence (as should Janet considering she is guilty of many of the same crimes as my brother including assault, child neglect and drug abuse.) I hope you both get help and become better people. You both have truly brought nothing but shame and misery to this family.

  • I didn’t think the first one posted. Im just going to leave both of these as I feel the second one might be little more tactful. I apologize for any foul language and grammatical errors. Its currently finals week for me at school and that alone is exhausting as well as the shock from reading this disheartening garbage. I hope both of these sorry individuals seek help and become better people, and I would like to make it clear if you read this Janet that you have been served a 30 day notice of eviction and will no longer be receiving financial support from my family. 10 years was enough time for you or my brother to get your life together and even make an attempt to get a job. It is obvious that you are incapable of gratitude and exhibiting moral fiber of any extent. I hope someday you stop doing drugs and I hope that I never cross paths with either of you again. you have brought shame to yourselves and to this family. I am embarrassed to even be posting on here and associating myself with either of these individuals but I cannot sit idly by and read this libel. This whole situation is awful and I want to set the record straight that Dan and Janet are horrible people and my parents did their best to help two ungrateful and dishonest leeches

  • For some reason my comments keep not posting. Long story short. I am Daniels Brother. Janet and Dan have a meth problem, neither of them graduated high school and neither of them have had a job in 10 years and both mooch off my parents and have both assaulted my parents. My brother has pulled a gun on both my father and I. Janet is currently pregnant with her 4th child, she still smokes meth and continues on a daily basis to verbally abuse my parents, is obviously very ungrateful of the 10 years they have paid all their bills. I have worked for the USFS for 7 years and currently am a full time college student with and accumulated GPA of 3.6. Everything that comes out of my brother and Janets mouth is a lie and this obviously drives home the point that she is an ungratful person. She has kicked my father in the face while my brother had him pinned to the ground. They both have had a meth problem for several years, have no education and refuse to get a job of any kind. They have brought nothing but shame and heart ache to my fammily. Im guessing Janet didnt think my family would read this. As a result she is now being served with a 30 day eviction notice and will no longer recieve any financial support from my family. She has been nothing but rude to our entire family and neglects her children and consitantly chooses drugs over the well being of her children who are unfortunately devoloping stress related eating disorders and are constantly acting out in school. I pray that these two delinquents persue education and rehabilitation. My parents are wondering and hard working individuals who are unable to enjoy and long awaited retirement as a result of these two verbally and physically bashing them any chance they get while showing no signs of remorse. This situation has unfortunately been taking place for years and my brother very much deserves to be in jail for a long time as does Janet. I feel the worst for her children, they exhibit difficulty in school and show obvious signs of depression and neglect. This is all extremely unfortunate and breaks my heart everyday. Janet and Dan have always been dishonest and moraly unsound individuals. They have both brought nothing but shame to our family and I pains me to even be associated with either of them in anyway. I hope they both become better people and make an effort someday to treat their children and others respect. They have not only been violent but their refusal to work and drug addiction has caused them to rob my parents any chance they get in order to fund their drug dependency and fuel their delinquent behavior. I apologize for any spelling errors, i am extremely exhausted by all of this and in conclusion they are two of the most dihonest, and unethical individuals i have ever met. I hope you both get help and if not for your own sakes, i hope you do it for the sake of their children, they suffer the most. Final note prior to my brothers arrest he struck me with a motor cycle helmet across the back of my head, dropping me to the floor and on a separate incident throwing a rock through the window of my parents home and in another incident breaking two of my fathers ribs. This is truly a tragic situation.

  • I have known the Pollard family my entire life, and I can say from first hand experience that Daniel and Janet have caused a lot of problems for them while they have given them a place to live and paid their bills as long as they have lived there; while neither of them have had a job, or even tried to get one. They have constantly created drama in the house for as long as I have known them. I have witnessed both threats and physical violence from both Daniel and Janet. They are extremely unappreciative of the place they have been given to stay, and have never tried to move out or better their situation, every tax season they would get new TVs, xbox, and other frivolous things instead of providing better for their children, all three of them whom also share a bedroom with their parents. Drugs do terrible things to people, especially when they were already extremely selfish to begin with. I can say that they constantly lie and play the victim, while taking advantage of Daniels parents. I practically lived there during my childhood and can say that her rant on neglect is completely false, and while she claims that their children were neglected she is currently neglecting, sheltering, and brainwashing her own children, it is truly disgusting.

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