Body Found in a Field Near a Roadway Between Willits and Laytonville; “Suspicious,” Says Mendo Sheriff

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 4-17-2016 around 7:34 PM Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the 35500 Block of Eureka Stagecoach Road, Northwest of Willits CA, regarding a found body.

Deputies responded and confirmed a 60 year old Willits man was deceased. The decedent was located in a field next to the roadway.

The case is being investigated as a suspicious death. The next of kin had not been identified or notified. The decedent’s identity is not being released at this time.

Anyone with information on this case is requested to contact the Sheriff’s tip line at 707-234-2100.



  • Oh lord have very sorry to the family.

  • Eureka Stagecoach Road?? You mean…Sherwood Road? That was the stagecoach run north out of Willits in the olden times

    • Both the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office and Google Maps call that road that the marker on the map points to as Eureka Stagecoach Road. I’m not familiar with it myself but zoom in on the map and you will see it.

    • Ernie Branscomb

      I agree puzzled. The newcomers have a penchant for renaming everything. I know how the Indians must have felt, or at Least how the Sherwoods must feel.
      It is indeed Sherwood road, and it was indeed the stagecoach route to Eureka. Maybe it’s just an honest mistake.

      • A road way less traveled.

        Oh, boy, wouldn’t that be a fun road to take someday. If it’s still open enough. Talk about some history! I wonder how much of it became the 101 eventually: either incarnations.

      • Hey Ernie! I have not been on this road but from zooming in on the map it appears to be the old route that now runs through the Clark Ranch. The old stagecoaches ran to the town of Cahto, a few miles west of where Laytonville is now on Branscomb Rd. So…NOT Sherwood Rd- neither the branch that runs north back onto Highway 101 or the branch that runs west into the back side of Fort Bragg. I just had never heard of this road nor did I know it was a county (public) road. I’d heard 20 years ago that it still hit Branscomb Rd but through locked gates on the Clark Ranch.

        • Okay! They must be subdividing that old Clark ranch. Looked on satellite at that area and it’s full of greenhouses and marijuana gardens. Could be 40 acre-subdivision? With everybody blowing it up.

        • The Sherwood road comes back onto highway 101 just south of Long Valley onto the freeway. The Strong Mountain Road goes From Sherwood to the Branscomb Road (if they still call it that) through the Clarke Ranch.

          I believe that the stages followed Sherwood road from Willits to Sherwood, then followed the Strong Mountain Road from Sherwood to Cahto. Then from Cahto to “Lick Skillet and Spat Out” (Laytonville) on to Rattle Snake Creek Stage stop at the base of bell Springs road, then over Bell Springs and soooo on.

          • Ernie- Thanks for that clarification! Used to know a couple of the Strong brothers who lived out that way in early 80’s. Beautiful country up there! Got to ride one time through Clark Ranch to Branscomb Rd as I knew the ranch caretaker. I get upset seeing huge greenhouses and weed gardens everywhere but I guess that’s what we do now…Yes, the stagecoach ran up through Bell Springs on current Bell Springs Rd

    • Its called eurika stagecoach rd cause its completely off county road everyone who lives out here knows it as the stagecoach rd been that way forever.

  • Sad story, but interesting comments!

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  • Google “stolen gems Willits ” the post has been removed but it’s related and maybe useful info for the incompetent mendo county pigs
    unless they cover it up like they have In the past

    • I am not sure how it relates without seeing the post… I read the whole thing and cannot see where it would have been or how it would relate to this… please can you help me with something else, is there another lead you can give at all, or is there info that you know and can share??? please

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