A Stolen Tablet, a Rookie Officer, and Plates of Cookies


When the house of Alisha McNeese was burglarized on April 9, she contacted the Eureka Police Department. A new officer, K.C. Hsiao, responded to take the report.

He learned that McNeese’s 9-year-old daughter’s tablet had been stolen. According to her mother, the girl had worked hard to earn the tablet and now it had been taken the week before her birthday.

By himself, using “money out of his own rookie salary,” said Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills, Hsiao purchased a tablet and then a birthday card. He passed the card around the police department for everyone to sign.

“When he gave it to her,” wrote McNeese, “she was speechless.” McNeese said her daughter told Hsiao that he had made “her whole week perfect.”

In thanks, McNeese said, her daughter wanted to make 100 cookies and a card for the helpful officer. This last Friday, her mom stopped in at the police station with platefuls of sweets. Officer Hsiao looks like he enjoyed them.

If you see Hsiao, take a moment to tell him thank you for giving a young girl more than just a tablet but a sense that the world is a pretty good place full of good people.




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