A 25-Year-Old Is Running for Congress in our Area

Press release from Erin Schrode’s campaign for 2nd Congressional District:

ErinSchrodePanelQuakes are common in Northern California’s 2nd Congressional District, and if there was a Richter scale for the internet then Democratic candidate Erin Schrode just broke it.

With over 5 million views Schrode’s message of “if not now, when” is trending faster than any campaign (Democrat or Republican) in the nation. “It’s time to deliver on the promise of my generation,” says the activist, educator, and social entrepreneur at an event this past Sunday.

Schrode is mobilizing new voices in the political sphere – primarily women and millennials – with her leadership in a district that spans the northern coast of California, from the Golden Gate to the Oregon border. Her prior activism in addressing environmental health, gender equality, and corporate responsibility inspired her to redefine what a representative should be. “I believe that democracy should be representative, but despite 51% of our population being women and 35% of our population being under 30, there has NEVER been a woman under 30 elected to United States Congress.”

The unprecedented attention to Schrode’s campaign arrives on the onset of her 25th birthday, the minimum age to serve as a Member of Congress. To commemorate both milestones, Erin For Us is launching “$25 for 25” crowdfunding campaign to engage and educate voters throughout the Marin, Trinity, Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma counties before the June 7th statewide primary election.

*Key pillars of this campaign are environmental and public health, learning and the future of work, and human rights domestic and abroad, including women’s rights

*There are 200k women and 114k voters between the ages of 18-44 in CD2

*Erin would be the 85th woman representative out if the House of Representatives’ 435 members

*In four days, a single piece of content on Facebook received: 4.5M views, 62k likes, 46k shares, 2k comments. This is the fastest trending candidate video ever.

To contribute, donors can go to crowdpac.com/erinschrode. For more information on congressional candidate Erin Schrode, please visit erinfor.us with biographical information, policy, and how to get involved.



  • Good!
    Hopefully she’ll know if the Coastal Redwoods are either the oldest trees, or the tallest trees, in the world. Unlike the guy we have now, as Colbert pointed out during an interview. sigh……

  • You go girl!!!

  • In my experience, nothing ever happens in politics until a woman gets mad. (I.E. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers)

    A young educated woman is mad, and about to change the world. I’m going to find a good hiding place and watch. This woman has a great future.

    Hopefully she is aware the our number one environmental problem is people. I wonder what her feelings about population control are. Population control starts at the grass root level. I once read the the maximum number of people the the world can handle is about 2 billion. We are now somewhere around 7 billion. What a spooky prospect.

    I’m going to have to assume that she is a Democrat, because I can find nowhere that she states that, but this being California she might as well not run if she has any other ideas. I guess this is a choice between idealistic youth and old school same ol’ same ol’.

  • i think we need a complete younger, diverse congress, get rid of the old hateful stuck in their old ways ones we have now…just one opinion

  • old gal in sohum

    I am not dissatisfied with our current representation BUT…..I will vote for this young woman. She is quite possibly feeling the Bern.
    I am an old woman and I think we have wasted too much time adapting to the 21st century.

  • Tristan Mitchell

    Kym, with all due respect the more I think about this “article” the more concerned I am. Posting a self serving press release seems a little light on journalistic integrity, especially as it includes a fundraising link. This seems more like an In-kind contribution (and I hope it is reported as such on the campaign finance reports). Are you willing to post other candidates press released no matter what they say?

    Ms. Schrode should be applauded for stepping up and running, but your job as a journalist is to look at her platform, not the fluff. If you looked at her platform you would see that she doesn’t have one. She doesn’t talk about ANY issues facing district 2. On her Facebook page I questioned this and her response was “Stay tuned!” Taking a look at her website’s section on the campaign trail you will find that most of her events are not even in district 2! This is the candidate worthy of a puff piece that makes her sound more popular than all the candidates for president combined?

    The campaign was nice enough to give you a shout out I see, “It’s AMAZING to see local media covering Erin’s campaign!” is what they posted on their Facebook page. They even linked to your story. So, Kym, are you local media? If so I hope we can see more balance among your coverage as the election nears.

    • Ha, I hadn’t realized they linked back.

      To address your concerns:
      It is not an article. It is a press release and clearly states that. I also posted this in the CHECK THIS OUT section (usually devoted to press releases) not in the news section. I posted her press release because I hadn’t heard of her before and I thought folks would like to know about her. And, yes, I do post politician’s announcements when I get them (which is pretty infrequently.) Here’s one: http://kymkemp.com/2015/10/31/estelle-fennell-to-announce-reelection-campaign/

      Are you asking if I plan on supporting her? No, I plan on voting for a different candidate. It’s interesting to me that a 25-year-old is running but…she seems a bit weak on policy issues and inexperienced for my taste.

      I’m a one person show here. I don’t have time to write in depth about many issues. But, when someone hands me information that I think my readers would be interested in–a 25-year-old running for congress in our area, I post it.

      [Edit: After thinking about your concerns overnight, I wish I had prefaced it with a couple of sentences clearly indicating why I was posting it. If I run into a similar situation again, I will do that.]

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