CHP Releases More Information on Last Night’s Pedestrian Death

e01f6ae2-49ce-449b-b71a-edbacee88307This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On April 16th, 2016, at approximately 2053 hours, [an unnamed person] was walking in an unknown direction on US-101 southbound south of Herrick Avenue in the #1 lane wearing dark clothing. [Kristen L. Cady, age 19 of Fortuna]… was driving [a 2007 Nissan] on southbound US-101 south of Herrick Avenue in the #1 lane at approximately 75 mph. The left front end of [the Nissan] collided with [the pedestrian] in the #1 lane of US-101 southbound south of Herrick Avenue. [Cady drove the Nissan] onto the right shoulder and waited for emergency personnel. As a result of the collision, [the pedestrian] sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. [Cady] sustained minor injuries and was treated and released at the scene.

The southbound lanes of US-101 at the scene were closed for approximately 40 minutes while the collision scene was being investigated. [Cady] was found not to be under the influence of Alcohol or drugs. The California Highway Patrol Humboldt area is investigating this collision.

Earlier Chapter: Pedestrian Struck by Car and Killed; Southbound 101 Shut Down Near Humboldt Hill



  • Aggie Underwood

    CHP’s press release has a typo for the time of the incident. It was at 22:53 (10:53 p.m.) not 20:53 (8:53). I was listening when the calls went out to CHP, Eureka Fire Dept., and City Ambulance Co.

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  • It’s a 65 zone what the hell….

    • No alias needed

      25, 45, 65 mph, dead is dead. The speed of the driver isn’t the issue.

    • 65 woulda saved their life!!!!! I totally agree with that rational statement!

      • No, being a passenger in a vehicle, wearing reflective garments or otherwise illuminating themselves, and most importantly NOT being in the 101 would have saved them! 10 miles an hour over the speed limit is AVERAGE on CA highways according to CHP and DMV stats! Are you implying that at 65 she could have swerved in time, or that the impact wouldnt have been fatal? If so, preposterous. Put the responsibility where it belongs, with the irresponsible pedestrian, may they RIP…

      • ???? : Yeah, right!

  • My condolences to the family of the deceased pedestrian… But I sympathize more for the driver. He wasn’t intoxicated, he didn’t leave the scene… It was a true accident. The person walking on the highway should not have been there!!! At night wearing dark clothes!!!! The pedestrian saw the car with the lights on… I hope this kid doesn’t get charged with anything more than a speeding ticket!

  • I was close to hitting someone the other night as well in that same area! Someone walking in dark clothes and close to live lanes. I am sorry someone lost their life but I’m just as sorry for the young woman that hit the person. Prayers to Everyone.

  • Love the arguments about how speeding is just fine. As an avid pedestrian who nearly gets killed every single darn day I am sick of motorists making excuses for their bad and ILLEGAL behavior.

    It’s always easy to pick on the drunk or stoned or desperate “walkers” in dark clothing. I wear dark clothing at night. Almost everyone wears dark clothing at night. I am not stupid. I don’t walk anywhere near a highway where –

    HOMICIDAL DRIVERS have no interest in human life. The streets of Eureka are Death Race 2016. I have cars run stop signs all the time or turn into crosswalks and come straight at me at least several times a month. I recently had two cars do this in the same day! Both in broad daylight. One woman was looking at her cell, the other talking to her kid. Homicidal drivers could care less about pedestrians. All that matters is the food or Starbucks in their grubby hand.

    I for one am sick and tired of homicidal drivers making excuses for one another and avoiding the law. Sure, many end up dead, splattered across the roads upon which they were speeding in the rain (see local news this past few months), but in the meantime I would prefer to remain alive ….

    • Sadly the person walking on the highway in dark clothes bears nor responsibility for this than the driver. Hopefully the young woman isn’t traumatized for life. May the walker RIP but they bear the responsibility for their poor choice.

    • Check the legal definition for “homicide”, you are way off…

  • Total stopping distance at 65 is 250ft approx
    At 75 it’s 355 feet !
    If you drive faster the perception distance shortens . Can’t see far enough with your headlights to properly see possible danger .
    Are you saying 100 feet wouldn’t make a difference ?

  • it was dark. she was young. a 4 ln divided hgwy. no traffic. she was sober. she was sober. he was invisible in all dark clothes. he was in the roadway.
    and now and for the rest of her life every time she closes her eyes she’ll see a person crash through her windshield head 1st.
    she’ll relive this every time someone mentions it. every time she sees a pic or news story about an wreck like this.

    are you aware when you’re driving and look away from the rd, like over at an event on the side of the rd, a natural physical act causes us to move our hands/steering wheel/vehicle towards the direction we look.
    those rubberneckers who run into accident scenes & cops who’ve stopped a car on the rd side…they gawked at that event for too long of a moment unawareness. go too fast and you’ll stop too late.

    there walks a black cow in the rd and a car hits it. why must the owner of the cow have to pay for damages? because he needs to keep his livestock contained for the safety of others.

    i’m sorry for the person who died. he was as more at fault than driver imo. but there have been times i’ve been forced to walk somewhere in the dark in a rural area and i was wearing black. it was scary when a car would approach. so glad no one here has ever had an experience such as i.

    why can’t something, like a goat path, along 101 where there is no safe place to walk in 65mph traffic?

    if there is someone here who has never gone over the speed limit raise your hand. give yourself a pat on the back.

    if there are people here who are too judgemental, arrogant, rigid and always right and willing to kick someone down and in real anguish-please will ask the person next to you to slap you for me.

    i was taught to walk on the side of the rd towards traffic so you can jump out of the way need be.

  • Wtf speed is the issue at a slower speed she might have been able to miss this person .he should not have been waring dark close .maby he did it on purpose. Slow the fuck down people 10 miles an our over the speed limit will get you hooked e any sooner.

  • Not what tpyd damit home any sooner.

  • Natural selection! Is all I got to say about this. Who in thier right mind walks in the highway in the middle of the night?

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Wow some pretty harsh judgements going on here regarding this particular pedestrian versus automobile accident. Feeling really bad for the driver and the family of the deceased. And the emergency responders to yet another fatality in this area of the 101. If you are a pedestrian, walking the corridor of 101 at night, please use a headlamp to guide your footsteps, wear a reflective vest and please stay well away from the traffic lanes.

  • I was the third car behind the motorist who hit the pedestrian. I called it in to 911 at 10:54 PM. I saw both cars ahead of me abruptly pull off to the shoulder, and that the second car had put their hazards on. I slowed to pass them, thinking that the first car was in trouble and had maybe hit a deer. As I approached I started to move out of their way into the #1 lane, decelerating further and looking for the possible deer in the road, when I drove over the pieces of fender or mirror from the impact.

    I was driving about 40 mph, actively looking for an obstruction in the road, and didn’t see the man lying there in the shoulder with his head in the #1 lane until I was passing him.

    It’s really hard to see things in the road at night.

  • Please consider this…suicide by auto is highly possible too. I know someone with dementia/depression who tried it. Luckily for him, his family and the motorists on the road, it didn’t work. I think it would be horribly traumatic to hit someone walking on the road. I hope the young woman gets some loving support.

    • Good point. You never know.

      • Can I comment on Ashley’s comment? Maybe too personal? I am curious what happened to shatter your concept of recovery? Check out Mark Ragins, MD “A Road to Recovery” He is the Medical Director at Village Integrated Service Agency in Long Beach, CA. Good stuff! It may help with a more holistic approach to &#;1208Recovery„ Grateful Dave

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