[UPDATE 1:18 p.m.] Vehicle Hit a Tree Near Blocksburg

scannerMultiple emergency crews are responding to the report of a vehicle which hit a tree just before noon on Alderpoint Road.

“Exact location unknown,” according to dispatch. It is believed the accident occurred on the north side of Blocksburg. An ambulance is responding.

We’ll update when more information comes in. Meanwhile, be extra careful driving in the area as emergency vehicles are on the move.

UPDATE 1:18 p.m.:The vehicle was located four miles up Alderpoint Road. There were no patients on scene. The rest of the emergency crews have been cancelled.




  • Hope everybody is ok!weird

  • Type of vehicle?

  • 4 miles up from Blocksburg? or Garberville? Not that it matters in the long arc of history but I’m curious.

    • what i read on CHP traffic incident page it said 4 miles from hwy 36
      i’ve never been all the way thru that road

  • Sadly, I only had the scanner to go by and…I couldn’t figure out the answer to that. The CHP page does say from Hwy 36. My mistake. I don’t know if I missed it or they added it later.

  • veterans friend

    That is an amazing & beautiful road.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    ED, To most folks, when looking at a map,” UP” usually means NORTH, and there is a darned good reason for it, no matter what CHP says….. South being” DOWN”on a map …….. But if you got MA on a raft or a floaty toy, and set her course ” DOWN” the Eel river, youd mostly be headed NORTH, with just a touch of WEST, [left on a map] thrown in….. Im thinkin JAH was in a dislexic mood the day she made alot of the rivers around these parts.. ….SO…… An old rule of thumb……..Way down “SOUTH” in the land of cotton…….”.NORTH” to Alaska……. And as Freewheelin used to say……..You may think your” RIGHT”…. But keep it up and youll see whats “LEFT”…….

  • It was a white SUV Mazda.

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